No clue. No clue at all

I have no clue what the heck this means:

lacking k tv

According to the Yahoo! TV writer, you no longer have to imagine a world without Kardashians on TV because there are Kardashians on TV. Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone?


2 Responses to “No clue. No clue at all”

  1. Jodi5868 Says:

    What doesn’t make sense to me is how they even have all of these shows about themselves. And the article don’t sent make sense bc even more with this new show, I’m imagining a world without the Kardashians on ,y tv!, ;;)

    • Laura Says:

      They are masters at self-promotion and taking advantage of media coverage.

      I didn’t read the full article because I can’t abide the whole Kardashian clan. And because the first sentence made no sense.

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