Neither has commented

Neither the Yahoo! Celebrity writer nor editor has commented on this grammatical gaffe:

have commented cel

When two subjects are joined by neither…nor, the verb must agree with the subject closer to it. In this case, the verb must agree with Jungwirth and should be has commented.

Is that a joke?

It’s entirely possible that the Yahoo! Style staff was attempting to be humorous when they wrote this:

tres chic sty

But I’m not so sure. They make so many mistakes and have demonstrated such an extreme ignorance of the French language, that they really do not know that très chic is French.

If only there was a way…

If only there was a way to see the actual name of a restaurant, like Peter Luger. I think if the editors for had a picture of a menu from that restaurant, perhaps maybe perchance they might possibly be able to spell the name correctly:

fp lugers

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