Are they opposed to diversity?

Something…something…something… followed by a claim that somebody is “upping the diversity anti,” by which they mean, increasing the opposition to diversity. I think. One can never be sure what a writer means when reading Yahoo! Style:

upping anti sty

It’s also possible that the writer doesn’t know that there is an idiom “upping the ante,” and it means raising the stakes. It’s derived from poker, where the ante is amount that each player must throw into the pot before the cards are dealt.


2 Responses to “Are they opposed to diversity?”

  1. Matt Bowes Says:

    I think… I think I’m homonymphobic. And so are they.

    • Laura Says:

      The Yahoo writers are pretty bad when it comes to homophones. They’ve made some homophonic errors that I’ve never seen before. Like confusing “ante” and “anti.”

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