What’s that again?

What’s a Yahoo! Style article without an incorrect word or two? Or three? Using the indefinite article a instead of an isn’t that horrible, is it?

a outfit sty

Nah. It’s the mess of a sentence that’s horrible. It seems to be telling us that a slinky red dress walked in another dress “just two earlier.” If someone could provide a translation, I’d almost be grateful.


2 Responses to “What’s that again?”

  1. belowtheviolet Says:

    They may have fixed it (because I emailed them) but I don’t think people at Newsette used ‘economical’ correctly. I’m not the expert, but you are: http://us9.campaign-archive1.com/?u=c22599d4c47221535fe4e223e&id=0d90304ea3 PLEASE EDUCATE US

    • Laura Says:

      Well, if the writer meant “using money wisely” or just “prudent, thrifty or sparingly” then “economical” might be okie-dokie. But really, I believe the writer meant “financial.” Thanks for the question!

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