I’m a journalist, not a mathematician

Would you trust anything written by a Yahoo! News journalist who can’t do simple arithmetic?

one out of 1000 news

I don’t know how the writer came up with the allegation that 956 (which is about 1,000) out of 100,000 is “roughly one out of every 1,000). To my simple mind, it seems more like one out of every 100.


5 Responses to “I’m a journalist, not a mathematician”

  1. Alexis Says:

    Lol. It’s time you worked for Yahoo

    • Laura Says:

      No thanks. I think my standards are a little too high for Yahoo.

      • Alexis Says:

        Agreed, but you could be exactly what they need to produce work of a higher and better standard.

        • Laura Says:

          As long as users continue to use Yahoo and read its content, there’s no motivation for the company to improve it. I think readers are partly to blame for the drop in the quality of writing. They accept it or don’t know the difference between good and bad reporting.

        • Alexis Says:

          Well if they don’t accept it, how do you think they should go about saying something about it? I’ve tried messaging the journalists who leave their emails at the end of the article and they never respond and when I check back the typo is always still there. Go figure…

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