If I were you…

If I were this Yahoo! Style writer, I’d learn something about English grammar:

were pink bea

I’d learn that a verb must agree with its subject and that it is a singular subject and were is a plural verb. I might also learn that it were can be correct — but only when it’s stating something that is not true. Consider this example: We laughed at the sentence as if it were a joke.


4 Responses to “If I were you…”

  1. onereasonableperson Says:

    Good catch! I must say, however, that I prefer this misuse of subjunctive mood to the more common error of using “was” incorrectly.

    • Laura Says:

      Misusing the subjunctive mood and misusing “was” are equally bad to me. They both grate on me. Maybe I’m a dinosaur when it comes to grammar, but I just can’t understand how a writer can make a mistake like that.

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