Whoever wrote this needs an editor

Whoever is responsible for this grammatical gaffe on Yahoo! Celebrity needs an editor:

whomever cel sty

Maybe the writer thought whomever sounded cultured or erudite. But the word is the subject of the verb is and the subjective pronoun (who or whoever) is called for.


6 Responses to “Whoever wrote this needs an editor”

  1. Akaluv Says:

    How can such a big website miss an error like that?

    • Laura Says:

      That’s hardly the worst error you’ll find by Yahoo writers and editors. The mistake has been corrected, but it seems editing — if done at all — is done after an article is published.

      • Akaluv Says:

        I haven’t read all your blog post yet, but you do seem to find a lot of errors. I need to read your stuff and learn from you 🙂

        • Laura Says:

          I find errors on Yahoo every day — more than I could ever write about. Let me know which posts you like and find useful by leaving a comment. Thanks for your interest! Laura

  2. searchermike Says:

    As for the article: whatever.

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