Are brides more immodest now?

There’s a new tradition at weddings that caught me by surprise. According to Yahoo! Style, the modern bride is now removing her garter belt so that the groom can toss it during the wedding reception:

garter belt sty

I have to wonder how the bride removes the garter belt. Does she do it in front of her guests or does she quietly repair to the ladies room? Imagine trying to remove a garment like this garter belt:

garter belt pic 2

It was so much easier when brides simply had a garter, which the groom tossed. Maybe it looked something like this:

garter blue

Of course, there is another explanation for this “tradition.” The writer has no idea that a garter belt is called a garter belt because it goes around the waist. The article that goes on the thigh is a garter.



2 Responses to “Are brides more immodest now?”

  1. searchermike Says:

    Men shouldn’t be allowed to write about such things.

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