This is not Absolutely Fabulous

In a brief paragraph about the new flick “Absolutely Fabulous,” the Yahoo! Style staff manages to screw up the movie’s title, squish together two words (which I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, except there it is), and come up with a new preposition for the common expression reminisce about:

ab fam sty


2 Responses to “This is not Absolutely Fabulous”

  1. Alison Says:

    Not only that, but the character Edina’s name is normally shortened to “Eddy,” not “Eddie.”

    • Laura Says:

      I’ve seen it spelled both ways and didn’t do enough research to confirm the spelling. However, I did notice that the Yahoo’ers didn’t know (or care) how to spell the name; the video captions spell it both “Eddy” and “Eddie.”

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