Not an unusual error

There seems to be a general impression with Yahoo! staffers that the correct indefinite article before a word starting with a vowel is an, not a. Sometimes it is. But not always, as illustrated on the home page of Yahoo! Celebrity:

an uterine cel

It doesn’t matter what letter the word begins with; it matters what letter it sounds like it begins with. So, it’s an unusual rule, but a useful one.


2 Responses to “Not an unusual error”

  1. searchermike Says:

    Breaking news:
    “Verizon confirms $4.83 billion buyout of Yahoo
    The agreement marks the end of an era for the company that once defined the Internet.”
    I don’t know if Yahoo! covered the story – i get the wim-wams whenever I try to go there.
    But this will undubitably lead to a better writing style.

    • Laura Says:

      Yahoo included the story in both its News and its Finance sites. I don’t know how this acquisition will affect the quality of writing on Yahoo. Maybe Yahoo staffers will finally get the services of real editors — or at the very least, a spell-checker.

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