Not a Geography Bee winner?

Ya’ gotta wonder if this Yahoo! Style writer is a product of a public school education. I hope not.

rio sty

Does this geographical genius really believe that Rio is north of Havana? Does she really believe the Barry Manilow song was about Copacabana, the beach, and not Copacabana, the nightclub in New York?

I hope this writer didn’t attend public school because then I’d be really, really worried about the future of our country.


3 Responses to “Not a Geography Bee winner?”

  1. searchermike Says:

    Not only that, but this might be the worst time to stay at the “super sleek” Hotel Fasano. With the Olympics in town (at least, for now), it’s probably booked solid. Did you look at the comments? They were Not Amused.

    • Laura Says:

      Yes, the comments about this article — particularly the recommendation to visit Rio — were brutal. And well deserved, I think.

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