Is that the automated teller machine machine?

Let’s overlook this awkwardly worded sentence from Yahoo! Finance and focus on one of my pet peeves: ATM machines. No, not the machines themselves, but this phrase:

atm machine fin

The initialism ATM is short for “automated (or automatic) teller machine.” The addition of machine is superfluous and just drives me crazy. So do PIN number, MLB baseball, and VIN number.


2 Responses to “Is that the automated teller machine machine?”

  1. suddenthoughtsandsecondthoughts Says:

    Enjoying your posts. An abbreviation that could also make your list is FedEx Express, FederalExpress Express?

    • Laura Says:

      I don’t generally criticize company names or trademarks. FedEx was once known as Federal Express, but the company name was changed to FedEx in 1994. So FedEx Express isn’t really repetitive, except maybe to those of us who remember the old Federal Express.

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