Capital punishment

Stop. comparing. me. to. an. editor.

That could have been written by the editor at who isn’t clear when to capitalize mother:

fp my mother

Here’s a hint: Don’t capitalize mother, father, sister, and the like if the word is preceded by an adjective. So, it’s my mother, a great father, my mean-girl sister.


2 Responses to “Capital punishment”

  1. Michele Anderson Says:

    Wrong. This is a direct quote from a tweet. You NEVER ‘clean’ up the grammar in a direct quote [unless you put the corrected word, etc., in brackets].

    • Laura Says:

      Michele, did you look at the actual tweet before commenting? I looked at the tweet before writing this blog post. There are times when a journalist will clean up a quote or will include [sic] to indicate an error made by the person being quoted. But the Yahoo editors didn’t CLEAN UP the quote, they introduced an error. In the tweet (which you can see at, the writer did NOT capitalize “mother.” Before you lecture me on capitalization (which is not the same as grammar), I suggest you do a little research.

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