Is the pressure too much?

Is there too much pressure on the writers at Yahoo! Style? Are they so stressed that they can’t do their jobs properly? Is that why 5 out of 7 recent photo captions contain misspelled names?

You might think this is just a typo, and not a deliberate misspelling of Pharrell:

pharell 1

You would be wrong. Unless the writer made the same typo twice:

pharell 2

You might not know how to spell Mica Arganaraz’s name, but a writer should:

pharell 4

Emily Ratajkowski is such a well-known model, that you’d think someone who writes about fashion would be familiar with her name. Again, you would be wrong:

pharell 3

Ale Dragulele sounds like an exotic alcoholic beverage, but it’s just a misspelling of Alex Dragulele:

pharell 5

It must be awful working in that environment. But can’t a writer take a little pride in their work and at least check the spelling of all names? (To check the spelling of all the names in this post, I highlighted the name, right-clicked, and selected “Search Google for …” It takes just a few seconds and saves me lots of embarrassment.)



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