Friends’ and families’ faces fall

If well-educated editors overlooked this error on Yahoo! Style, their friends’ and families’ faces would fall to the floor:


I’m assuming that the friends and families (there’s probably more than one family involved) have separated faces, so there needs to be an apostrophe after the S on both friends’ and families’.


2 Responses to “Friends’ and families’ faces fall”

  1. dan13732 Says:

    Agreed… but I’m even more persnickety than that. I don’t think a family has a face, but a family member does. So I’d rewrite it to be “friends’ and family members’ faces”.

    • Laura Says:

      You make a good point, though I’m inclined to overlook that (in fact, I guess I did overlook that) to keep the familiar phrase “friends and family” somewhat intact.

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