Bob Dylan wins second Nobel Prize

Two weeks ago, Bob Dylan was named the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Wonders of wonders, he’s also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize:


Yahoo! Celebrity seems to have the exclusive details on this amazing accomplishment. Another amazing accomplishment? That this headline can go unnoticed and uncorrected by one of the world’s largest Internet companies.


2 Responses to “Bob Dylan wins second Nobel Prize”

  1. Sabiscuit Says:

    Funny!!! It’s easy to overlook the mistake. The poor writer probably thinks there’s only one kind of prize handed out. That’s what happens when people who are qualified don’t get hired to do the job. Anyway, I heard that Marissa Mayer likes things refined and polished. Someone should send her a link to your blog or at least gift wrap these screen grabs and post them to her for Christmas.

    • Laura Says:

      I like to take the charitable view (occasionally) and think that this was just a brain-freeze and the Peace Prize was top of mind because it is much more publicized than the other prizes. I know that some Yahoo staffers read this blog; maybe they’ll send a link to Mayer begging for some editorial help. Ha-ha.

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