Do your glances think?

A cursory glance at this excerpt from Yahoo! Style is all it takes to spot some major problems:


Can we talk about the whole “cursory glance might have thought” thing? Really, glances (cursory or otherwise) don’t have a lot of thoughts.

If the missing space were the only error in this paragraph, I wouldn’t even mention it. But I have to mention the fact that the writer can’t keep her subject’s name straight. It’s Jenner, not Kardashian.

When she’s not confusing a Jenner with a Kardashian, the writer’s confusing Smokey (which is a forest-fire preventing bear) with smoky (which is the color of smoke).

So, what does your cursory glance think of this?


2 Responses to “Do your glances think?”

  1. Caroline Says:

    The last sentence in that paragraph is making my glance twitch. Hey! If glances can think, they can do pretty much anything else. I wish the Yahoo news pages had Wiki-style editing, just so that we could all edit the crap to our hearts’ content.

    “Smokey eye” and “glossy nude lip”? Does the Jenner girl have just one each of those body parts?

    • Laura Says:

      It’s really sad that these mistakes are made and published uncorrected. I hope the writer isn’t the product of an American public school education, because that wouldn’t bode well for our country’s future. As for the singular “eye” and “lip,” I didn’t catch that, but maybe because it’s seems acceptable in articles devoted to style, beauty, makeup, and all the other stuff women are supposedly interested in.

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