Trick to write headline in record time

Here’s a trick to help you write a headline in record time: Ignore English and common idioms. Just do as the folks at and write anything, even if it makes no sense:


You can cook a turkey in record time, or at record speed, but not in record speed because that makes no freakin’ sense.


2 Responses to “Trick to write headline in record time”

  1. Laughing at ya Says:


    No break from your bitterness during the holiday?

    I got a paycheck today. You?

    • Laura Says:

      I’m really quite surprised that you’re using your time at Yahoo to engage in this childishness. Does your employer know what you’re doing instead of working? Perhaps if you continue working and saving and you don’t get fired for goofing off on your employer’s time, you’ll be able to retire, too.

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