Just what I wanted!

Is it just me, or does no one in world want to be the “token guest” at any party?


I can’t even begin to imagine what the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks a “token guest” is. To people actually familiar with English, it means a representative of a group who’s invited to a party in the hope that the host won’t be accused of being a bigot. It’s like if the Cheeto Bandito invited a Mexican to Mar-a-Lago.


2 Responses to “Just what I wanted!”

  1. Bart Leahy Says:

    I’ve been the token conservative at some gatherings. I love hearing “You’re pretty nice for a Republican.”

    • Laura Says:

      I imagine I’ve been the token woman, blogger, white-haired lady at some gatherings. I just don’t bother to inquire. But it’s good to know there are some nice Republicans out there!

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