So you think you can capitalize. . .

The writer and editor of this excerpt from Yahoo! Style probably think they know when to capitalize a word:

In this case, they would be wrong. When referring to the United States, States is a proper noun. (So, if you live in Australia and want to visit three states, you have to travel to the States.)  They probably also think they know the title of that TV show called “So You Think You Can Dance.” They’re almost right: There is no question mark in the title.

3 Responses to “So you think you can capitalize. . .”

  1. Lars O. Berglund Says:

    The most popular adjective/adverb in English today is huge/hugely. It is sometimes used in quite unexpected contexts. One example last week was “a hugely Christian concept“ in BBC Radio 4. I am preparing a study on historical and current uses of these two words, and will spend another two months collecting excerpts. Would appreciate contributions. If you have a suggestion, I need this information.
    1. Full sentence where the word was used.
    2. Source reference, verifiable if possible.
    3. Any comment the contributor wants to add.
    Put contributions in the body of your email and send to
    Excerpts from well-known writers are always of interest (Shakespeare, Dickens and the Bible have already been taken care of), but the emphasis is on present-day usage. Looking forward to your contributions.

    Lars O. Berglund
    Weil im Schonbuch

    • Laura Says:

      I’d be hugely curious to know if you get a response from this.

      • Lars O. Berglund Says:

        Laura, you use of “hugely” falls into my Category C. I have three categories
        A Concrete
        B Abstract
        C Mood or experience of the writer, “a huge moment” etc.
        Are there other adjectives with such a wide range of use?

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