A full-blown editing crisis

At a legitimate publication, this would spawn a full-blown editing crisis. At Yahoo! Style, it’s just another misused word:

Apparently the editor didn’t know that crises isn’t singular; it’s the plural of crisis.


4 Responses to “A full-blown editing crisis”

  1. Laura Bitterheart Says:

    It’s fun for me to come here and give single-star reviews to your posts.

    No need to thank me, Laura.

    Oh, remember when you got paid to do this?

    😂 😂 😂

    • Laura Says:

      I’m happy to provide a little fun for you. What a sad and miserable life you must lead if your idea of fun is fake rating of a website.

  2. Sweetness and Light Says:

    It takes a certain level of neurosis to get “fun” out of posting one-star reviews. But it takes a higher level of psychosis to brag about it. Laura Bitterheart needs to seek professional help.

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