Should you share with colleagues?

Nothing makes a newsroom look more dysfunctional than the inability to spell a simple word the same way twice. Case in point: This headline from the home page of Yahoo Finance:

Was this just a simple typo? In an effort to sleuth out the truth, I looked at the article itself. The headline and text in the video are equally confused:

Maybe Yahoo writers should start sharing the same dictionary. Or maybe they should just refer to people you work with as colleagues.


2 Responses to “Should you share with colleagues?”

  1. Thomas Weaver Says:

    I once saw the hyphen placed after the w instead, to make it cow-orkers instead. I don’t know if the author intended that, but a friend of mine picked it up as a way to refer to her colleagues when she’s having problems with them.

    • Laura Says:

      That’s hilarious. I admit, when I see the word without a hyphen, I read it as “cow-orker.” Maybe that’s what they call colleagues at a dairy.

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