That’s quite a fete!

Yes indeedie! Spending a week in the desert in the summer with 70,000 others is a festival. At least according to the writer for Yahoo! Travel:

fete travel

It’s also quite a feat. Which is probably what the writer meant, but I’m not sure. Is it possible she thinks fete is pronounced FEET? That would simply compound the error, because it’s pronounced like FATE or FET.

That’s some feet!

According to Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” a high school girl has “notable feet”:

feet sports pr 1

They can’t be as notable as the feet that fit into these shoes:


Creating shoes that big must have been quite a feat.

Here’s the beef

Here’s the beef I have with Yahoo! Shine: The writing is sloppy, and editing and proofreading appear to be nonexistent.

Take this excerpt, for example. It’s evident that the writer is confused by homophones, using it’s (a contraction for it is or it has) when she meant its (a possessive pronoun). And she’s not so good at including all the words (especially the little ones) necessary:

I have beef with her failure to capitalize Wikipedia. It’s just sloppy:

An apostrophe is no substitute for an actual quotation mark, and in the U.S., the comma goes before the closing quotation mark (which is what that second apostrophe should be):

Making that many punctuation mistakes in such a limited space is no small feat. It’s also no small feet. Feet is the plural of foot; a feat is an act of notable act or deed.

One more beef from me: The writer plays fast and loose with the facts. The debate didn’t take place during a presidential election, but before the Democratic nomination and the election. One more comma would have beefed up this article:

Where’s the beef? With me and Yahoo!.

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