Won followed by another

Here’s one major gaffe from Yahoo! Style, followed by a complete headscratcher:

won sty

Why do Yahoo! writers and editors have so much trouble with forming the possessive of a plural noun? It’s simple: coworkers is the plural; coworkers‘ is the possessive.

Next time I’m at McDonald’s, I’m ordering the paper snf baseballs

Oh, boy! Ahoy! I’m jonesin’ for paper snf baseballs, which I’m going to order next time I’m at McDonald’s. I’d never heard of them before, but I read about them in this article from Yahoo! Shine:

I’m just going to finish reading this article before I hit the Golden Arches. Unfortunately, I keep stumbling over some words, and it’s just slowing me down:

So far, the writer hasn’t won me over with her writing. She has, however, astounded me with her ability to create never-before-seen homophonic errors:

My gripe is less with the writer than with her employer, who lets her get away with publishing this crap.

and this crap:

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