A $100 suit isn’t so bad

I’m not sure why a $100 suit is considered news at the Yahoo! front page:

fp 100 dollar suit

If it’s such a big deal, I’ll write a check to A-Rod right now.

She’s not a Timex

Timex watches are known for the slogan “they take a licking and keep on ticking.” Despite what you might read on yahoo.com, Carly Fiorina is not a Timex:

fp ticking

Holly Bailey did not say that about the GOP candidate. This is the actual headline:


Somebody needs to teach those yahoo.com writers how to read.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

I hesitate to call this the Dumbest Statement of the Day because the day is still young (at least where I am) and there’s still plenty of time for Yahoo! staffers to make boneheaded mistakes. With that caveat in mind, I present this headline from the home page of Yahoo! Style:

ballerinas sty hp

The “ballerinas” in question are male dancers. No real ballerinas (who are exclusively female dancers) appear in the commercial. It is just a figment of the writer’s brain and tenuous grasp of the English language.

Writer-as-ditz trend

This may just be part of a trend on Yahoo! Style where the writer acts the part of a total ditz. It starts with a description here:

hat as bag 1

of Anne Hathaway with a bag on her head:

hat as bag pic

So, what does the writer called this bag-as-hat “trend”?

hat as bag 2

Not a Harvard grad?

I’m guessin’ the writer for Yahoo! Makers is not a Harvard graduate. And probably has never been to Harvard. Has never seen Harvard or pictures of Harvard. And maybe has never attended a college or university. Why would I say that? Because of this caption:

harvard 1

That’s the caption for this photo:

harvard pic

The writer might have gotten an inkling that perhaps that’s not Harvard because Harvard students don’t generally arrive to class in a big yellow school bus. Also, the name of the school appears above the doorway. That’s Public Latin School, more familiarly known as Boston Latin, a 7th through 12th grade public school in Boston and the first public school and oldest existing school in the U.S.

Is U.S. geography taught in schools?

When I was an elementary school student, back in the Dark Ages before Wikipedia and smartphones, I learned that New York City was made up of five boroughs and that one of those boroughs is Brooklyn. Did the writer for Yahoo! Food miss that lesson?

brooklyn food

Perhaps she meant Manhattan, not New York City. If so, that’s what she should have written.

Not that Alice

Remember the movie “Still Alice”? The movie that starred Julianne Moore, who won a Best Actress Oscar for her role? Unfortunately, the writer Yahoo! Travel remembered the title, but not the movie:

still alice trav

Gregory Maguire is working on “After Alice,” a novel.

Do you trust your memory?

Do you trust your memory when you’re writing? I bet the writer for Yahoo! Makers thinks she’s got a great memory for names and movies. She probably feels like she doesn’t have to verify the spelling of Steven Spielberg’s name or check to see who directed the movie “Avatar.” (Here’s a hint: It wasn’t Steven Spielburg or even Steven Spielberg.)

spielburg diy 1

Readers might be able to forgive a single misspelling, but when you do it another time and another time, they’re likely to be a little pissed. At least that’s how I feel:

spielburg diy 2

Obviously she trusted her rather faulty memory, which seems odd to me. She’s not just the writer of this article, she’s listed as an “editor.” Isn’t part of an editor’s job to verify facts?

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel: Back together

News flash! Here’s some startling news that has yet to be reported in the tabloids: Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel have remarried. Yes, after divorcing in 1994, the couple has again tied the knot. At least, that’s what the writer for Yahoo! Makers tells us:

once being former diy

Stick to two-syllable words

My advice to this writer for Yahoo! Style? Stick to words you know and understand. Maybe just use words of no more than two syllables. That way, you won’t look so uneducated and ignorant:

suffragettes sty

A suffragette is a woman who fights for the right of women to vote. It is not a synonym for feminist.


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