Were lassos involved?

What were those actresses doing rounding up other actresses? The writer for Yahoo! Style has some explaining to do:

round up sty 2

She needs to explain why she used the idiom round up (which means “to gather or herd”) and not round out (which means “to bring to completion or finish”).

How did they get them on?

I thought that it was fairly shameful that the Yahoo! Style staff, who apparently all wrote this caption, didn’t know that each is a singular noun and that are wearing was the correct verb to go with it:

each of whom are

But then I read a few more words and realized the staff writers were pulling their readers’ legs! They were joking! Because nobody would seriously write that each model was wearing four jean styles. How would they even put on four pairs of jeans? I’ve never managed to pull on more than two at one time.

Are they opposed to diversity?

Something…something…something… followed by a claim that somebody is “upping the diversity anti,” by which they mean, increasing the opposition to diversity. I think. One can never be sure what a writer means when reading Yahoo! Style:

upping anti sty

It’s also possible that the writer doesn’t know that there is an idiom “upping the ante,” and it means raising the stakes. It’s derived from poker, where the ante is amount that each player must throw into the pot before the cards are dealt.

One little-known site you should visit

There are lots of websites to help you write better. There are sites for dictionaries and sites that will help you proofread better. My advice to the editors at Yahoo! Travel: You should visit one of them and study, study, study.

shoud tra

Are you a millennial?

I’m guessin’ that the editor for Yahoo! Style responsible for this isn’t old enough to be a millennial:

millenials sty hp

Surely, the writer is still in high school, or maybe even middle school. No college grad would make a mistake like that. Would they?

Please tell me you’re not registered to vote

When I read this, written by the “managing editor” for Yahoo! Makers, I thought it was a little odd that the Donald Dump character would be holding a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

dec of ind diy 1

In fact, it was very odd. And very wrong.

Here’s the picture of Donald Dump and it looks like he’s holding something… what is it? It sure as heck ain’t the Declaration of Independence, which would make no sense, not even satirically. He’s holding the Constitution of the United States of America:

dec of ind diy pic

I can only hope that this “managing editor” isn’t typical of the electorate and that he’s not a registered voter.

Lightening the load

The Yahoo! Style “marketing editor” should be lightening this spelling of lightning by removing the E:

lightening bolts sty

Keep that word intact

This is no time for tact: The person over at Yahoo! Makers who’s responsible for this is a moron:

tossled diy hp

OK, that was harsh. But what do you call someone who is paid to write and yet can’t spell tousled or intact, and doesn’t use a spell-checker and apparently has no idea how to use an online dictionary?

Breaking up a fistfight, again

For a brief time, yahoo.com returned to its previous incarnation, with more words for the editors to screw up. They still don’t know how to spell fistfight:

fp fist fight 2

They’ve also left me wondering how a plane landed on flight 2598. That must have been tricky. Unless the editor meant it was an unplanned landing of flight 2598.

Take a civics class

When I was in high school, many, many decades ago, all students had to take a semester of civics. We learned a lot about our government, from the small-town assembly to the three branches of the federal system. It’s too bad that the Yahoo! Style “news editor” didn’t have a similar education. She might have learned that a state has a governor, and the city of Flint, Michigan, has a mayor:

governor sty


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