What kind of bait do you use?

Yuk! I can’t imagine what kind of breath is baited. Does the Yahoo! Style writer use worms or leeches for bait?

baited breath sty

It’s just too gross to think about. I’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if she corrects this.

Just in case someone from Yahoo! is reading this, here’s an explanation from the American Heritage Dictionary:

The word baited is sometimes incorrectly substituted for the etymologically correct but unfamiliar word bated (“abated; suspended”) in the expression bated breath.

Don’t rub it in

Just because the writer for Yahoo! Style doesn’t know that a masseuse is a female, don’t rub it in. Maybe she’s still learning the language:

masseuse sty

I’d be exasperated, too

Wouldn’t you be exasperated if you read this on an allegedly professionally written site like Yahoo! Style?

exasperated sty

I suppose if you’d exhausted all your other options for reading, then maybe you could overlook this erroneous word choice.

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