Dumbest statement of the day

Unless this wedding was held on Capitol Hill, I think this word choice on Yahoo! Style qualifies as the Dumbest Statement of the Day:

congressional church

Dancing wedding cake

How do you frost a wedding cake with merengue? We’ll have to ask the Yahoo! Style writer:

merengue sty

Do you think she confused merengue (which is a spicy Latin American dance) with meringue (which is whipped egg whites)?

Was that comment tongue-in-cheek?

This Yahoo! Style writer is hilarious! I love her satirical take on the adjective tongue-in-cheek:

tongue and cheek sty

That was a tongue-in-cheek comment, wasn’t it?

Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

Knowing how to spell words phonetically can be a useful skill — if you know how to pronounce those words correctly. That’s how this Yahoo! Style writer goes off the tracks with this misspelling of nuptial:

nuptual sty

The word is not pronounced nup-tual. The word is nup-shel; its final syllable is the same as the last syllable of partial, not mutual.

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