Is your bikini ready?

Bikini ready? No, my bikini isn’t ready, and my body isn’t bikini-ready. And this feature on the Yahoo! front page isn’t hyphen-ready:


Who’s the cool jerk?

The writer for Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time” seems to think the song by The Capitols was actually a question:

pint tv 1a

But he doesn’t stop with just a misplaced question mark. There’s the missing cap in Tom DeLay, the incorrect verb was (which should be were), and the over-hyphenated overqualified:

pint tv 2a

But other than that, it’s all cool.

It’s 2009 and it’s still biracial

It’s 2009. You’d think by now the writers on Yahoo! Shine would know that biracial isn’t hyphenated:

bi-racial shine hp

Oprah’s show desinged

Do you think the writer of Yahoo! TV‘s “Daytime in No Time” is implying that the residue from some scorching was removed from the “Oprah” set?

oprah tv dint

That could just be a careless error, like the misplaced apostrophe in ’60s (it should be moved to the left to indicate an omission of the numerals 19). Or maybe it just needs to be moved to show’s, where it’s totally missing, not unlike the hyphen that belongs in Emmy Award-winning.

Hear a peak, there a peak

Let’s overlook the erroneous hyphen and the misplaced period (which belongs before the closing quotation mark) and focus on the sneak peak in this blog on Yahoo! Music:

hear sneak peak music

Perhaps you have some idea how one would hear a peak: Do you have to be really, really quiet and put your ear up to its foothills?

Exploits and New Yorkers

There’s a question on Yahoo! Shine that has me questioning the writer’s grasp of the language:

oprah shine 1

What the heck is that question asking? And what word should the writer used instead of exploit? Expedition? Field trip? Make your best guess in the comments.

At least I understand this sentence, though I don’t understand what the apostrophe is doing in a simple plural:

oprah shine 2

You think that’s a question?

Um, no. That’s not a question on Yahoo! Avatars:

fair avatars

And that’s not relive, either. It doesn’t get a hyphen.

Baby Phat boats and other humorous blunders

This article on Yahoo! Shine boasts more than its share of grin-inducing goofs:

simmons 1

Let’s overlook the spelling of LeToya Luckett (she needs a bigger T) and consider the use of what appears to be an abbreviation:

simmons 2

Initially I thought that feat was a misspelling of feet. Then I realized that the writer was using an abbreviation for featuring. I was pretty sure that’s what the writer meant until I came across the abbreviation ft. I was right! The writer meant feet, in spite of the fact it made no sense! Who cares!?! This is Shine and anything goes, including the misplaced period, which belongs after the closing parenthesis.

The photo captions in this article offer a wealth of creative and mysterious words, here:

simmons 3

and here:

simmons 4

I wonder if the writer realizes that this is not a question:

Simmons 6

At least she spelled everything right here, except for the transsexual thing:

simmons 7

Gosh, doesn’t Shine provide boatloads of fun and funny writing?

Guess who’s expecting a question

Maybe it was the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Shine who thought this was actually a question:

guess who shine thread

Hughes’ directorial debut

Hughes’ directorial debut on Yahoo! Movies needs an apostrophe since it’s a possessive:

hughes movies 16 candles

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