Whose writing is this?

Words get out of order on Yahoo! Makers on a now seemingly daily basis. Wrong words are used daily, too, especially when the writer can’t choose between two words, only one of which is correct. And with more than a dozen punctuation marks, how can one pick among them? And whose writing is actually worth attempting to replicate?

whos a list diy

Did you spot all those errors? The incorrect word order? The use of between (which should be used with only two objects) instead of among (for more than two)? The lack of a question mark at the end of the question? And the use of who’s (which is a contraction of who is or who has) instead of whose (the possessive pronoun)?

Kilimanjaro and a bad cliché

In a cliché-ridden article on Yahoo! Shine, the writer gets at least one of them wrong:

“Between a rock the size of Kilamanjaro (sic) and a hard space”? It doesn’t even make sense. And the misspelled Kilimanjaro isn’t too hot, either.

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