Is this a Brendan Fraser conspiracy?

When I read this on, I thought the missing word may have been a careless error:

But now I’m not so sure. There may be a conspiracy over at the Internet giant to ruin the actor’s career. Why else would the editors run another story about the star of “The Mummy”?

The actor who may have been blacklisted and who may have been sexually assaulted is Brendan Fraser.

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? If it’s on Yahoo!, probably in an extra letter, a wrong letter, or a missing letter. Or maybe all three.

On Yahoo! TV, it’s an incorrect letter in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau:

name nicolaj tv

The writers for Yahoo! Movies add a letter to Amanda Seyfried:

name seyfriend movies

Drop one from Brendan Fraser:

name brendan faser movies

And transpose two in Michelle Pfeiffer:

name pfieffer movies

The Einsteins at Yahoo! Shine can’t get every letter into Kardashian:

name kardasian movies

Confuse Kaia Gerber with someone named Maia:

name maia shine

And screw up John Mayer, whose last name is the same as Yahoo!’s CEO:

name john meyer shine

And what kind of sports expert doesn’t know Dwyane Wade? The “expert” who writes Yahoo! Sports’ “Prep Rally:

name dwayne wade sports pr

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