Take a peek at this!

Take a peek at this excerpt from Yahoo! Sports:

peak your interest mlb

If that doesn’t pique your interest in learning about homophones, nothing will.

Buster Posey, scrappy player

Buster Posey may be a scrappy baseball player, but I think the writer for Yahoo! Sports should scrap this word and use scraped instead:


It’s not about pulling a rope

No, we don’t want him to tow the party line. That would involve pulling some sort of line or rope.

tow party line mlb

Frankly, I don’t even care if he toes the party line, which would involve conforming to expectations and which is what the Yahoo! Sports meant.

Between you and me, this is wrong

Here’s a common mistake on Yahoo! Sports — an incorrect pronoun:

between he mlb

The author probably thought that he was more erudite than the correct him. Between him and his editor, you’d think one of them would have spotted the error.

There’s more than a slight chance you’re wrong

It doesn’t take sleight of hand to correct a homophonic error on Yahoo! Sports: All it takes is a little knowledge of the difference between slight (which is a snub or discourteous comment) and sleight (which is a clever trick):

sleight mlb

It can be seen in its entirety below

The Yahoo! Sports writer mistakes it’s (which means it is or it has) with its, which can be seen in its entirety below:

its entirety

When a spell-checker isn’t enough

I don’t know if the Yahoo! Sports writer uses a spell-checker (it seems most Yahoo! writers and editors don’t), but here’s a case when that’s not enough:

except mlb

Is it too tough to expect that a writer or editor would proofread an article before it’s published?

This is not exceptional

Unfortunately, grammatical mistakes aren’t unusual at Yahoo! Sports.

was spo mlb

This time it’s a mismatch of a verb (which should be were) with a plural subject. But you knew that.

It’s still wrong

No matter how many times the Yahoo! Sports writer uses he as the object of the preposition between, it’s still wrong:

between he club spo mlb

It’s nearly a daily feature of Yahoo! Sports: A writer decides that he sounds more erudite than him, and uses it following a preposition. It doesn’t make the writer sound smart; on the contrary, it makes him sound ignorant and pretentious.

Between you and me, this sucks

Just between you and me, when I read something like this I have to wonder if English is the writer’s first language:

between he spo mlb bls

And then I wonder what the heck the editor was doing before this was published on Yahoo! Sports. And then I wonder if Yahoo! even has editors. And then I wonder why I’m surprised by grammatical mistakes on Yahoo!.

For those of you who don’t mind my getting a little grammar-nerdy, here’s the issue: The writer chose the wrong pronoun. The pronoun is the object of the preposition between and therefore should be in the objective case. (Get it? Object of preposition; objective case.) The objective cases are me, you, him, her, it, us, them (plus whom and whomever).

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