This is not funny

This is the entire introduction on Yahoo! Style to a video about New York Comic Con:

comicon style

Imagine you have one sentence to write and you can’t even bother to spell the subject of the sentence correctly? Imagine how dumb you look.

How many ways can you get it wrong?

Comic-Con is some sort of convention in San Diego. I guess it’s a big deal to people into comics, sci-fi, and movies. It’s so enormously popular that I’d expect that people who write about the entertainment industry would know something about Comic-Con. Like how to spell it.

On the home page of Yahoo! Movies, there’s one correct spelling:

comic con w and wo hy

But elsewhere, some Yahoo! Movies writer thinks that it’s the opposite of something called Comicoff here:

comicon 0

and here:


At least the writers for Yahoo! Music knew about the hyphen. But they come up with something that sounds more like a socialist movement here:


and here:

comi-con 2

By my count, that’s four ways to spell the convention, only one of which is right.

How droopy is your jaw?

Why is it so difficult for Yahoo!’s writers to spell Comic-Con with a hyphen? It seems easy enough, doesn’t it? But this headline on Yahoo! Movies proves otherwise:

droopingly 1

The headline promising five “surprises” and the first paragraph promises seven “favorite things.” So, there’s a bit of confusion, although the writer put the hyphen in Comic-Con — this time:

droopingly 2

It was too good to last. Again, the writer dropped a hyphen. Maybe his brain was affected by that drooping jaw:

droopingly 15

Does the writer have any other jaw-droppingly dumb things to share? Of course!

droopingly 3

No article from Yahoo! Movies would be complete without at least one misspelled celeb name. This time we get two: Bryan Cranston and Chris Hardwick. I’m guessin’ that Mr. Cranston, and not Mr. Harwick (or Hardwick), is  starring in an upcoming film. But that’s not what that sentence tells us. (Oh, by the way, that was the fifth and last “surprise” from Comic-Con. Maybe the headline writer can count.)

How many times?

How many times can one writer tap out Comic-Con without its hyphen? Every time!

Each time the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” goes for Comic-Con, he omits the hyphen:

comic con 1

Sometimes he tries to insert a line break with the HTML tag <br>, but it’s not working:

comic con 2


comic con 3

and agaom”

comic con 4

Another attempt to insert a line break, compounding the error of the missing hyphen:

comic con 5

The last one!

comic con 6

But that’s not the only mistake he’s made. In fact, it’s rather minor compared to his assertion that Mr. DeLeeuw is crammed into what must be the only two-bedroom hotel in the world:

comic con 7

And let’s not forget about homophonic errors:

comic con 8

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