Should you share with colleagues?

Nothing makes a newsroom look more dysfunctional than the inability to spell a simple word the same way twice. Case in point: This headline from the home page of Yahoo Finance:

Was this just a simple typo? In an effort to sleuth out the truth, I looked at the article itself. The headline and text in the video are equally confused:

Maybe Yahoo writers should start sharing the same dictionary. Or maybe they should just refer to people you work with as colleagues.


If you think ‘recent’ means ‘9 months ago’

I guess to the writer on the Yahoo! front page, someone who lost his job last year (that’s at least nine months ago), just lost it. I mean, just lost his job — not just lost his temper, which he apparently did:

To the rest of the world, this would be a stupid mistake, made by someone unable to read and/or write. But I quibble.

Of lesser importance is another example of the inability of the writers and editors at to make a simple decision: How do you spell co-worker? Or is it coworker?

Maybe we can all chip in and buy Yahoo! writers and editors some style guides. Then we’d have to find someone to teach the staffers how to use them.

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