That’s altogether different

What the Yahoo! Sports meant was altogether; that’s altogether different from all together:

all together sport


Whoever did it should be embarrassed

There’s a dearth of competent editors over at Yahoo! Sports. Heck, there may be no editors at the website because any editor would know that the nominative case he is wrong following a preposition like between:

between he 1

Any editor would know that there’s a word missing in what should be a couple of years:

between he 2

And why can’t the writer and/or editor choose correct pronouns? The pronoun whomever is the objective case of whoever, which is the word the writer should have used since it’s the subject of the sentence.

Whoever wrote or edited this article should be embarrassed.

Hall of Fame of hyphens

If there were a Hall of Fame for hyphen overuse, this writer for Yahoo! Sports would be in it:

hall-of-fame spo

There’s no reason to hyphenate Hall of Fame, even when it’s used as an adjective; there’s no danger of the reader misunderstanding an unhyphenated Hall of Fame.

Don’t you work for the same company?

If this happened on any other website, I’d say that the writer (and editor, if there is one) would be shamefaced. for this error, but this happened on the Yahoo! front page and it’s unlikely anyone working there cares:

fp dan weztel

What’s the big deal with misspelling Dan Wetzel’s name? Mr. Wetzel is a columnist for Yahoo! Sports.

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