Is this a deal breaker?

Is this a deal breaker for you? Would you return to the Yahoo! front page if you read this?


What are your reading deal breakers?

What are your deal breakers when you’re reading? The errors that you spot that make you say, “That’s it! I can’t take any more!” If you’re looking through Yahoo! Shine, would you read an article with this headline?

Would the mashed-up dealbreakers and the apostrophe in the plural V-days offend your grammatical sensibilities? If that didn’t stop you, would you continue past the undercapitalized Valentine’s Day and the unsightly in site?

Could you ignore the fact that the writer obviously did not run a spell-check and still doesn’t know how to capitalize Valentine’s Day?

Are you still reading? Right up to the hyphen missing in what should be heart-shaped? And past the kielbasa —which even when spelled correctly — isn’t a proper noun?

What are your reading deal breakers?

Is this a deal breaker?

It’s not a real word, but if you’re an accomplished writer, you might get away with coining the term dealbreaker. If, however, you can’t match a verb to its subject, you just look dumb on two counts. Care in point: Yahoo! Shine.

Sketchy sneakers and other missteps

If you’re going to coin a word, make sure your writing is impeccable so that your readers know you haven’t just committed a spelling misstep. For example, dealbreakers isn’t a word, but maybe the writer of this article on Yahoo! Shine is trying to introduce a new coinage:

dealbreakers shine 1

It might have actually worked if the writer hadn’t reduced her literary credibility with other mistakes, like the missing word here:

dealbreakers shine 2

The sketchy spelling of the sneaker brand Skechers adds to her credibility gap:

dealbreakers shine 3

Another a missing word and a singular Converse just make the writer seem sloppy or out-of-touch with the language:

dealbreakers shine 4

Errors like these are the real deal-breakers when it comes to the building street cred with readers.

Hitting the tequila a tad early

Looks like the folks over at Yahoo! Shine have started dipping into the tequila a bit early today. By my count the Shine home page makes a record number of errors, including the misspelling of sombrero:


The incorrect indefinite article a instead of an:


The squished together deal breaker


An extraneous E on smooth:


And missing hyphens in moms-to-be:


The real deal breakers

Is often-wise like lengthwise, crosswise, or streetwise? Or has the writer of this paragraph from Yahoo! Shine misused a hyphen?


While you’re pondering that, consider whether the apostrophe missing from dating’s is the biggest issue of this mess. Or is it the “word” dealbreakers? For me, the real deal breaker is this red flag; the typo that falls flat.

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