It’s not a real doppelganger

This may look like a doppelganger of doppelganger on Yahoo! Style, but it’s not:

Is there anything more embarrassing than misspelling a word in a headline?


It doesn’t even look like a doppelganger

This guy on the home page of Yahoo! Style looks like Mike Pence’s doppelganger:


What doesn’t look like a doppelganger? Doppleganger.

Room for error

After the recent redesign of, there are fewer words on the page that are written by Yahoo! staffers. But, there’s still room for misspellings and apparently no spell-checker in sight:

fp doppleganger

Imagine making the effort to include the two little dots over the ä, but not bothering to check on the other letters in doppelgänger.

Nearly a doppelganger

It’s 2016, but for the folks at it’s just another year without the benefit of a spell-checker. Or an editor who can spell or a competent proofreader. Any one of those would have noticed a misspelled doppelganger:

fp doppleganger

It looks like doppelgangers

It’s almost a doppelganger for doppelganger, but the editors for Yahoo! Shine really screwed up the word:

doppelganers shine

Why go to all the trouble to use an A with an umlaut and then misspell the word?

It doesn’t look like Brad Pitt’s doppelganger

So, the folks at the Yahoo! front page finally learned how to capitalize Jean-Claude Van Damme, but forgot that it needs a little thing called a hyphen:

When not dropping punctuation, they’re screwing around with words like doppelganger. Don’t they have spell-checkers at

It’s just that him is so wrong

It’s the kind of thing you don’t see every day, even on Yahoo!. But it is just so wrong. The writer for Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time” obviously could use a little help in the grammar department:

A little help in the spelling department would be nice, too:

The words should be doppelganger and look-alike.

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