Not a good place for this

Misspelling Dwyane Wade’s name on your home page? Not a good move, Yahoo! Style.


Wade into a mess

Readers of Yahoo! Style don’t need to go far to wade into a spelling mess:

dwayne wade sty hp

It’s not the first time that a misspelled Dwyane Wade has appeared on the homepage of Style. And it probably won’t be the last.

Is that Dwyane Wade? No

A big headline on a big picture is not a good place to misspell a name like Dwyane Wade. But that’s just what the brainiacs at Yahoo! Style did:

dwayne wade sty

Where do you get your news?

You probably know by now that Yahoo! News isn’t a trustworthy source of news. Any website that can’t spell billionaire isn’t credible with me:

billionare news

A missing word here makes this sentence unintelligible:

nearly photo news

Even in jest, trouble-making as two words and Ivy League with only one capital letter is not amusing:

trouble making ivy league news

Would you trust a source that misspells a trivial detail in a story about Prince Philippe?

phillipe news

And if the site misspells Dwyane Wade’s name twice, would you find in credible?

dwayne news

Where do you get your news?

Well, this is embarrassing

What could be more embarrassing than misspelling the name of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade? Doing it on the Yahoo! front page in front of millions of readers:

fp dwayne

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? If it’s on Yahoo!, probably in an extra letter, a wrong letter, or a missing letter. Or maybe all three.

On Yahoo! TV, it’s an incorrect letter in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau:

name nicolaj tv

The writers for Yahoo! Movies add a letter to Amanda Seyfried:

name seyfriend movies

Drop one from Brendan Fraser:

name brendan faser movies

And transpose two in Michelle Pfeiffer:

name pfieffer movies

The Einsteins at Yahoo! Shine can’t get every letter into Kardashian:

name kardasian movies

Confuse Kaia Gerber with someone named Maia:

name maia shine

And screw up John Mayer, whose last name is the same as Yahoo!’s CEO:

name john meyer shine

And what kind of sports expert doesn’t know Dwyane Wade? The “expert” who writes Yahoo! Sports’ “Prep Rally:

name dwayne wade sports pr

Someone should take the heat for this

Who’s gonna take the heat for misspelling Dwyane Wade’s name on the Yahoo! front page?

My guess is that no one will be held accountable because no one at Yahoo! cares about trivialities like spelling and accuracy.

D’oh. Dooughnuts and other stupid mistakes on a corporate blog

In a post on Yahoo!’s corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, the number of errors proves that even Yahoo! employees don’t use the company’s search technology. The mistakes are even more embarrassing for the Internet giant because the post features popular search terms and misspelled search queries made by Yahoo!’s users.

It’s pretty clear that the writer also doesn’t use a spell=checker. D’oh. It’s doughnuts with an extra doughnut hole here:

Anyone who reads Yahoo! Sports knows that NBA Finals is a proper noun. Whether web is also a proper noun is up for debate. Yahoo! staffers don’t agree on that one. But everyone agrees that Heat, the name of an NBA team, needs to be capitalized, that LeBron James requires another capital letter, and that Dwyane Wade is the correct spelling of the basketball player. Any professional writer or editor should know when to use the subjective mood and would have used “were based”:

If the writer had tried Googling “Mike Spoelstra,” he or she would have discovered that the coach’s name is  Erik Spoelstra. A true professional would have used the numerals 34 for the age and would never screw up the use of dashes like this:

Holy crap! There’s no excuse for misspelling Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. The missing hyphens in the compound adjectives gluten-free and low-cal are minor errors in a cesspool of gaffes:

What does this blog post say about the writer and Yahoo!?

And you better work on that punctuation

Everyone makes mistakes. Some people just make more than others or make them in a really public way. Such is the case with the writer for Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time.” Not every one of his mistakes is monumental. In fact, some might consider his use of that for people acceptable. In fact, it’s not really wrong, it’s just impolite:

What is wrong: LeBron James without the big B and the totally mangled Dwyane Wade. Then, there’s an extra word or two and a missing comma before Wade.

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