A technique tie-die for

If I made a mistake like this one on Yahoo! Style, I’d practically die of embarrassment:

tie die sty

The technique of tying and dyeing fabric is called tie-dye.

I coulda died laughin’

I nearly spit out my sugar-free vanilla nonfat vendi latte when I read this on Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally”:

die sports pr 1

Just to prove it wasn’t a careless mistake, the writer makes it again:

die sports pr 2

That’s when I thought I would die laughing.

And then the hair died

It’s a dyed-in-the-wool homophonic error on Yahoo! News‘ “The Lookout”:

Dyeing and dead hair

Talk about bad luck! According to Yahoo! Shine a woman’s hair was dying (but maybe not completely dead), then she nearly died herself:

Thank goodness she wasn’t also coloring her hair! Dyeing her hair could have caused an allergic reaction that would surely lead to her demise.

A maxi dress tie-die for!

I’d dying to see what’s next from the writer of “The Thread” on Yahoo! Shine, because I just love her sense of humor:

tie-die shine thread

Ha-ha. I’m a kidder. I don’t think this blunder was meant to be funny. Maybe the writer is just a dyed-in-the-wool rebel who loves to flout her contempt for traditional spelling.

Every day children dye

It is a sad truth: Every day children throughout America dye. Fortunately for most, dying is not a potentially life-threatening activity. But the writer of this poll on Yahoo! omg! should be dying of embarrassment: 

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