This is not good publicity

Someone allegedly said, “Any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right.” If that’s true, there are a lot of celebrities who are missing out on some publicity from Yahoo!.

Yahoo! omg! writers almost get Elie Saab right:

At least that’s not as bad as the time Yahoo! referred to Ellie Saab.

Yahoo! Movies can’t get Catherine Hardwicke’s name right:

That’s not exactly an improvement over the time they called her Catherine Hardwick.

Even though the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” was in July, this misspelling of Guy Ritchie’s name recently showed up on the ever-timely Yahoo! Movies:

Yahoo! Movies also gets Nikolaj Arcel wrong:

and from the same article, the writer takes a stab at Hannibal Lecter and misses:

Even Prince Rainier gets screwed on Yahoo! Movies:

Helmut Lang does not design headgear, despite what you might think from this snippet from Yahoo! Shine:

In an article about Meghan McCain, the writer can’t even spell the subject’s name, so I’m really going to believe everything in the rest of the article — not.

This is supposed to be Laura Wattenberg on Yahoo! Shine:

And a messy Sally Jessy shows up on Yahoo! Shine:

The Yahoo! News “journalists” wrote an article about Nindi Wadhwa, without actually getting the name right:

“Any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right.”


Writing Report Card: F

If you can’t spell, don’t know anything about fashion or movies, you have no business writing a Fashion Report Card for Yahoo! Movies. But you’re the perfect candidate for a Writing Report Card! Let’s take a look at some of your musings and let’s give them a grade (and maybe a snarky comment).

Misspelled glamour
Grade: D-
The only reason you didn’t get a failing grade is that it’s almost understandable. The adjective form is glamorous, so perhaps you thought the noun form was glamor. It isn’t and a spell-checker would have told you that.

Misspelled makeup
Grade: D
Depending on the authority, the noun is either makeup or make-up. According to all authorities, it’s not make up.

Misplaced word; misspelled Elie Saab
Grade: F
This should be “but sometimes even icons get it wrong.” There’s no excuse for misspelling Elie Saab.

Misspelled glamour
Grade: D-

Misspelled movie title, “Les Bien-Aimes”
Grade: F
No excuse. No excuse at all.

Misspelled Calvin Klein
Grade: F
Screw up Calvin Klein and you automatically go to Misspell Hell.

Homophonous error
Grade: D-
I’d like to compliment the writer on his or her talents. I’ll let you know if I discover any.

Incorrect punctuation
Grade: D-
This is a rather creative use of punctuation: Who would have thought to use a hyphen to join an adjective to the noun it modifies?

Incorrect comparative of an adjective; misspelled glamour
Grade: F
Maybe this is just a trendier spelling of glamor. Or maybe the writer is a little slow.

Incorrect punctuation; typo
Grade: F
Oh, gawd, this is awful.

Misspelled coif
Grade: D
An understandable misspelling of coif. But it’s still wrong.

Incorrect movie name “Les Bien-Aimes”
Grade: F-
Misspelling two out of three words in a movie title? You need to turn in your keyboard.

Overall Grade: A big, fat effin’ F

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