How big was that hanger?

How big a hanger does it take to host an award ceremony? According to Yahoo! Style, the Critics’ Choice Awards was held in Barker Hanger:

hanger cca sty

The only Barker Hanger I could find looked like this:

dog hanger

A more likely venue is the Barker Hangar, located in Santa Monica, not L.A. It looks something like this:

barker hanger pic

I think that’s what the writer meant. I’m guessin’ that she didn’t even know that hangar was a word and it referred to a large building where aircraft are stored.


Ravaging the language

It’s yet another case of a Yahoo! staffer failing an eighth-grade vocabulary lesson. This time the writer is ravaging the language on Yahoo! Style:

ravished sty

Ravish means to forcibly rape or to overcome with emotion, especially joy or pleasure. The writer meant ravaged.

It appears to be wrong

Neither the Yahoo! Style writer nor the editor appears to know basic grammar:

neither appear style

When two subjects are joined by the correlative conjunction neither…nor, the verb must agree with the subject closer to it. So, it should be “neither Richie’s children nor her husband appears” but “neither Richie’s husband nor her children appear.”

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