Holding up a shoulder

I’m not sure how a one-sleeved top can hold up a shoulder, but if Yahoo! Style says it can, it must be true:

shoulder-bearing style

Much different from the correct word

This excerpt from Yahoo! Style is an example of a word that’s much different from the correct word:

much different than sty

Isn’t that the definition of ‘beard’?

Captain Obvious, aka a writer for Yahoo! Style, has declared Bradley Cooper’s beard “unshaven”:

unshaven beard sty

I believe that every beard is unshaven because if it were shaven, it’d just be a pile of hair on the bathroom floor.

Stick to what you know

It’s generally a good idea to write about what you know. And if you have to tackle a new subject, verify your facts. It’s so easy to do nowadays. So why didn’t the Yahoo! Style check to see what Gwen Stefani’s real role is on “The Voice”?

host voice sty

Carson Daly is the host of “The Voice.” Ms. Stefani is a coach.

Do you have any idea what that means?

Before you use a word, especially if it has more than one syllable, make sure you know what it means. If you don’t, then you may end up looking as vocabulary-challenged as this writer for Yahoo! Style:

proprietor to sty

A proprietor is an owner. It makes no sense in this context, even if the writer had used the preposition of instead of to. I haven’t a clue what words the writer should have used since I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Maybe next time the writer will consult a dictionary before using big words. Nah. That would never happen at Yahoo!.

Who’s responsible for this?

Who’s responsible for this gaffe on Yahoo! Style?

\whos dresses sty

Whose mistake is it? Who doesn’t know that who’s is a contraction of who is or who has?

Don’t bother with the accent

I imagine that the writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t study French in high school. If she had, she wouldn’t have misplaced the acute accent in soirée:

soiree acc sty

Yahoo! staffers just shouldn’t bother with accent marks. They get them wrong more often than right. Funny thing: The American Heritage Dictionary prefers soiree over the accented spelling. So, if you’re unwilling to refer to a dictionary (like the writers and editors at Yahoo!), skip those funny marks over the vowels and decrease your chance of making an error.

I can’t bear it any longer

You tell me: How could a dress with a big fat cutout in the middle hold up a model’s ab? And why does she have only one abdominal muscle? Yahoo! Style has me so confused; I just can’t bear it any more:

ab-bearing sty ab-bearing sty pic

At least the model is cute, abs-baring dress and all.

Anna Wintour: Two dresses are better than one

Why would Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue magazine, wear only one dress, when she could wear two?

frock w dress sty

Why would the Yahoo! Style writer tell us about a “statement dress” instead of Ms. Wintour’s statement necklace?

And then it dawned on me…

It just dawned on me: This writer for Yahoo! Style is still learning English:

dawned sty

If someone at Yahoo had donned an editor’s cap and caught this ridiculous gaffe, perhaps the writer would have learned a new word.

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