Take that from from there

Someone at yahoo.com needs to learn to proofread. If they did, they’d take this from from this teaser:

fp from from

Editing you can DIY yourself

Here’s one headline on the Yahoo! front page that you can edit yourself:

fp yourself

Since DIY stands for “do it yourself,” this headline is a tad repetitious. It’s right up there in the Department of Redundancy Department with ATM machine and PIN number.

Is anyone wiling to read this?

Oh, lordie. Will the management at Yahoo! Style ever hire writers and editors who know actual English words? Let’s skip on over the repeated words, ignore the wiling (because even thought it’s a real word, it makes no sense in this context), and focus on the expression to shill out:

wiling shill out sty

This writer, who happens to hold the title of “news editor,” clearly has no idea what shill means. And she has no idea that a person who spends money is shelling it out, not shilling it.

This is truly a sad, sad statement about the state of journalism today. Or maybe just about the state of “journalism” at Yahoo!.

How many times can you screw that up?

Good grief! How many mistakes can a Yahoo! Style writer make in just four words? Too many:

tiara 1

There’s so much to admire here: The reference to Duchess Katherine, which misspells her name. Then the implication that she’s the Duchess of Middleton, which is like two mistakes in two words.

But wait! It looks like someone at the Internet giant finally realized there’s a mistake (or two) in that caption, and attempted to fix it:

tiara 1a

Oh, that’s so much better.

Do you know what that means?

It’s kind of a basic principle of writing: Don’t use words you don’t understand. I can’t imagine what the writer for Yahoo! Makers thinks respectively means since she used it in this weird context:

respectively diy

It means “singly in the order designated or mentioned” (American Heritage Dictionary). She had no reason to use respectively, but if she really, really wanted to use that word she might have written: If it’s too thick or too thin, add a little syrup or sugar, respectively. Not that I’m recommending that mouthful.

Even too much

The proofreading at yahoo.com was so weak that even even an extra word got through:

fp even even

The whole world is watching on

With the whole world watching — the whole world looking on — the Yahoo! Style writer mashes up two common verbs. The result is not pretty:

watching on sty

Fewer destructions would be good

One less destruction would be a good start in correcting this on yahoo.com:

fp destruction

Instead of instead use another word instead

Instead of proofreading, the folks at yahoo.com chose to publish this with a superfluous word instead:

fp instead instead

That’s what it means

I think that’s what merging means, but the editors on the Yahoo! front page don’t think we know that:

fp merging together


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