Actual knowledge not required

What does it take to be an assistant editor for Yahoo! Style? Do you have to know about style? I don’t think so. Do you have to know English. Not really. Here’s why I say that:

checkered heals sty

The writer (who is an assistant editor) has no idea what a checkered pattern is. She has confused it with a plaid, which is what Ms. Dello Russo was wearing:

checkered sty

As for her “patent leather heals”? I have no idea what was healed by patent leather. Perhaps the writer, who may be still learning her craft (as well as her subject matter) meant heels.

Not too bright

Gigi Hadid was in Paris, known to many as the City of Light. Known to many, but not known to the Yahoo! Style news editor:

city of lights lc

If only there was a way…

If only there was a way to see the actual name of a restaurant, like Peter Luger. I think if the editors for had a picture of a menu from that restaurant, perhaps maybe perchance they might possibly be able to spell the name correctly:

fp lugers

No clue. No clue at all

I have no clue what the heck this means:

lacking k tv

According to the Yahoo! TV writer, you no longer have to imagine a world without Kardashians on TV because there are Kardashians on TV. Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone?

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

Did the writer for Yahoo! Style question this statistic? Or did she just get it wrong?

searches down sty

Seriously, searches can’t be down 168%. If searches are down 100%, then there are no searches. There can’t be any less than none, can there? Oh, well. This was written by someone who doesn’t question numbers, even ones so obviously ludicrous.

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid secretly married!

Breaking news! According to the “news editor” for Yahoo! Style, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are married!

hubby zayn

How did I miss that news? When did that happen? Actually, it never happened. The writer has the title of “new editor” because she makes up news.

Getting rid of ‘social imbibers’ can be beneficial

Did you know that ditching drinking and even social imbibers can be good for you? That’s what the editors at claim, though I suspect they have no idea where to insert a parenthetical phrase:

fp social imb

Did you sign up for this?

Did readers of sign up for this? Did they agree that the writers and editors could use any word, regardless of meaning?

fp signatories

I’m pretty sure that the persons responsible for choosing the word signatories thought it means “people who sign something.” A signatory is someone who has signed a contract or other legal document. I don’t think signing a petition meets that definition.

Slavery on a massive scale

The investigative reporters at have uncovered slavery on a massive scale, noting that 62 people own as much as half of the world’s population. That’s billions of people owned by 62 people!

fp own population

No heroes here

Anyone looking for accurate news should steer clear of, where the editors can’t even get the name of a current movie right:

fp 13 heroes

The movie is “13 Hours.”


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