Is this a joke?

When a site makes as many mistakes as Yahoo! Style does, it’s impossible to tell the difference between a hideous error and a deliberate attempt at humor or irony. Take this flag, for instance, which appeared on the site’s home page:

flag sty

Maybe to someone living in China, it looks like an American flag. But to Americans, it looks like a horrible imitation with its 61 stars. All Americans know their flag has only 50 stars.

Did the person who chose that image know it was wrong? We’ll never know.

Attorneys, accountants. What’s the difference?

Hey, they both start with the letter A! So, what’s your problem with the Yahoo! Celebrity writer confusing attorneys with accountants? Are they really that different?

attorneys cel

Osbourne, Rowland. What’s the diff?

Don’t be too hard on the Yahoo! Style writer. She may not know Kelly Rowland from Kelly Osbourne, but at least she correctly identified Mariah Carey:

kelly rowland sty

Rubio, Cruz join forces in Nevada

You read it here first. Well, actually not here, but on Yahoo! News:

rubio and cruz news

Senators Rubio and Cruz now have a single, joined “ground game battle” in Nevada for the presidential nomination. I guess they’ve joined forces to fight Trump’s, Kasich’s, and Carson’s run for the nomination.

It seems odd, doesn’t it? Why would they do that? Is it possible that Rubio and Cruz each have their own “ground game battle”? And is it possible that the Yahoo! editors don’t know that would be Rubio’s and Cruz’s ground game battles? Is it possible they don’t know that if something is owned by two people, only the last name gets the ‘S (like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Mom and Dad’s wedding)? But if it’s owned separately, each name must get the ‘S?

Will Tim Cook help the FBI? Or won’t he?

I’m so confused. I read this on and after mentally translating “went on the say” into actual English, I’m still confused:

fp went on the say

Did Tim Cook go on to say why he won’t “refuse to help” and therefore, he will help? That’s what Yahoo! says, so it must be right.

Orange is the new pink

Can you figure out what’s wrong with this Yahoo! Style writer? Does she have a special brand of color blindness? Here’s what she wrote about Taylor Swift:


and here is the accompanying picture of Taylor Swift:

orange pic

Does this writer see orange while the rest of the world sees pink? Is this like that dress that was all the rage a few months back? Some people saw it as white and gold and some said it was blue and black. Is this skirt really orange to the writer and pink to others?

Check your calendar. Again

First someone at Yahoo! Style told us that the Grammys would take place on Sunday, February 15. That’s kinda funny since February 15 is a Monday. Now we learn that today is the eve of the Grammys, which takes place on Monday. So, that makes today Sunday.

eve of monday

Please ignore your calendar. It’s wrong. At least according to the senior editor at Style.

Is this the work of a fledgling writer?

There must be a logical explanation for the Yahoo! Style writer’s use of the world fledgling to refer to a retailer that’s nearly 40 years old:

fledgling sty

Perhaps she doesn’t know how long Banana Republic has been in business. Perhaps she thinks fledgling means struggling. Perhaps she’s an idiot.

Check your calendar

Anyone who trusts that the Yahoo! Style writer knows how to read a calendar is a tad foolish:

sunday sty

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, February 14. The Grammys are on the 15th, but that would be Monday.

Don’t bother reading the article

I wouldn’t bother reading the article behind this headline on Yahoo! Finance:

defend contro fin

Why? Because if the writing in the article is as bad as this headline, it’s not to be trusted. This headline alleges that the CEO of Quicken defended a controversy. That makes no sense. The man defended his company’s ad.


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