Donning models

When Philipp Plein donned his models, according to Yahoo! Style, he put them on himself.


I imagine he looked something like this model, who has donned another model:


Someone needs to explain to the writer than don means “to put on.”

Numbers make my head hurt!

Maybe this Yahoo! Finance writer shouldn’t be writing anything that involves numbers. She’s just no good at it. She claims that a company was acquired for $900 million:


That much seems pretty clear. Then she tells me that the acquired company actually had other offers — including one for $700 billion:


I’m no mathematical genius, but isn’t $700 billion more — a lot more — than $900 million, which the writer claims was the highest bid. I’m so confused. But not as confused as this writer.

You’re out of order!

When I read these three numbers on Yahoo! Style I was confused. Then I read the explanation and I was even more confused:


If you’re in the U.S., the tattoo “07.09” represents July 9th; in the U.K., it’s September 7th. And in the mind of the writer, it’s August 7th.

The writer was considerate enough to include a picture of the tattoo and it provides the explanation I’ve been looking for: The writer is incapable of copying numbers:


Great laugh

I had a great laugh when I read this on Yahoo! Style:


The poor gal who wrote that was trying to be clever, but she only showed her ignorance. There is no Great Lawn at the White House. There is a North Lawn and a South Lawn, but no Great Lawn.

Oh no she didn’t

Despite what you might read on, the model in question did not tip over during a fashion show:


As the article and videos attest, she was wobbly, but never fell. This just illustrates — again — the importance of hiring writers who can actually read and who are familiar with common English verbs.

Subject-matter experts need not apply

If you’re looking for a job as a writer for Yahoo! Style, don’t worry if you know nothing about style, fashion, or clothing. It’s not a prerequisite for a job writing about style, fashion, and clothing. Need proof? Consider this photo caption from the popular Yahoo! site:

emb rose 1

That caption is an attempt to describe this picture of Mr. Renner:

emb rose pic

If you identified the location of the rose as “below the breast pocket” and not on the lapel, you’re overqualified for a writing job.

Shortest pants ever?

If you’re a writer for Yahoo! Style, a site that’s about women and fashion (and some other things that defy categorization), shouldn’t you know something about, well, fashion? Apparently not. Here we see a photo caption that describes what must be the shortest pants ever worn by an adult:

inseam sty

Anyone who has ever worn, bought, or seen pants knows that the inseam is the length of the pants from the crotch to the hem; it is the length of the seam on the inside of the leg. Makes sense. So, what was the genius writer describing in this photo?

inseam pic

I’m guessin’ she was referring to the rise, the distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch. Or maybe she was describing a whole different outfit which we are not privileged to see.

When did that happen?

When did 14-year-olds become preteens? Oh, when they were born and stayed preteens up until the day before their 13th birthday — at least according to everyone who isn’t a writer for Yahoo! Style:

preteen sty

I know that Yahoo! writers and editors are not good with numbers. They confuse millions and billions, think that digits and letters are the same thing,  and just don’t get percentages. But you’d think they’d know that fourteen isn’t a preteen because teen is part of the word.

I’d be pissed, too!

I’d be pissed, too if a video of my husband (drunk or not) removing my garter belt went viral. So after reading this on Yahoo! Style, who could blame the bride for suing the videographer?

garter belt wend

Most brides wear a garter on their wedding day. It’s worn on the thigh and looks kind of like this:

garter blue

A garter belt is an actual belt, worn around (or just below) the waist, like this:

garter belt pic 2

I don’t know why the groom was going after that particular garment, exposing more of his bride than modesty permits. Oh, wait! I do know why! He wasn’t trying to remove a garter belt, just a garter. Once again I’ve been duped by a dope who knows nothing of women’s undergarments.

Once is a typo

If you transpose two digits when you’re typing a date, that could just be a typo. But if you do it twice, as this Yahoo! Style writer did, does it indicate something more serious?

1986 sty

The first modern Olympics was in 1896 in Greece. At least the writer got half of that right.

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