Copy-paste is your friend

How is it possible in a world of online words, that the writer for Yahoo! Style didn’t know enough to copy and paste a quote into the article she was writing? She apparently typed the quote and screwed it up rather badly:

supported sty

You might wonder why the American Immigration Council, which is opposed to Donald J. Trump’s immigration policies, said that they were “supported by the facts.” That’s because the council did not say that. They wrote, “Trump’s now well-established views on immigration policy are not only unsupported by the facts, but they are dangerous as well.” I’m pretty sure I got that right because I copied the words from the council’s website and pasted them into this post.

Hocked? I’m shocked!

I’m shocked, but probably shouldn’t be. This Yahoo! Style writer (and her editor, if she has one) thinks that hocked means sold:

hocked sty

It does not. The verb hock means to pawn, as in, “she hocked her dictionary at the local pawn shop because she felt she didn’t need it.” The verb the writer should have used is hawked.

U.S. 8-year medal drought finally over

Forget what you think you know about Michael Phelps, the Final Five U.S. gymnasts, and Simone Manuel. It’s all a hoax. The United States of America hasn’t won a medal in the Olympics since 2008. At least until this boxer came along:

fp first medal

The long drought of losses and disappointment at the Olympics is finally over. At least according to Yahoo!.

Ha-ha. I kid. The truth is, Mr. Hernandez won the first medal in boxing for the U.S. since 2008. It’s just a teensy, weensy, itsy, bitsy detail that some editor forgot to mention.

Did they take back her diploma?

How do you become a former graduate of a school? If you’re a graduate of Parsons School of Design, aren’t you always a graduate? Or can the school rescind your diploma and make you a former graduate? Only the writer for Yahoo! Style knows:

former grad sty

News to confuse

Simone Manuel is not the first African American to win an individual Olympic medal, despite what you might read on

fp first sw

She is, however, the first African American to win an individual Olympic medal in swimming. Looks like someone omitted some very significant words.

Not a high school graduate?

I’m guessin’ this writer for Yahoo! Finance isn’t a college graduate, and maybe isn’t a high school graduate. I wasn’t sure when I read this teaser:

degree fin 1

But then I read the article, and here’s that claim again:

degree fin 3

and again:

degree fin 2

If you graduated from high school, didn’t you get a diploma? But did you get a degree, as well? Uh, no. Colleges and universities grant degrees; high schools issue diplomas.

Not a Geography Bee winner?

Ya’ gotta wonder if this Yahoo! Style writer is a product of a public school education. I hope not.

rio sty

Does this geographical genius really believe that Rio is north of Havana? Does she really believe the Barry Manilow song was about Copacabana, the beach, and not Copacabana, the nightclub in New York?

I hope this writer didn’t attend public school because then I’d be really, really worried about the future of our country.

Stick to what you know

My advice to this Yahoo! Style writer: Stick to what you know. I have no idea what that might be, but it isn’t animal husbandry:

lactose sty

Lactose isn’t necessary for the digestion of milk; it is found in milk. The enzyme that’s necessary to break down lactose is lactase.

This is not Absolutely Fabulous

In a brief paragraph about the new flick “Absolutely Fabulous,” the Yahoo! Style staff manages to screw up the movie’s title, squish together two words (which I wouldn’t have bothered to mention, except there it is), and come up with a new preposition for the common expression reminisce about:

ab fam sty

Except for the differences, they’re the same

The staff at Yahoo! Movies seems to be just a little bit challenged, vocabulary-wise. And facial-hair-wise, too:

handlebar sty

That claim that Mr. Depp sported a handlebar mustache is a little misleading. This is the facial hair that the writers claim is called a handlebar mustache:

handlebar pic sty

And this is a handlebar mustache:

handlebar pic

They look exactly the same, don’t they? Well, no. They look completely different, but I quibble.

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