My, how time flies

It seems like only yesterday that Robin Williams committed suicide. But to the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity, it seems like only last August:

last august cel

Actually, it was August 2014 that Mr. Williams took his life. Last August was in 2015.

Is there a feasible explanation?

Is there a feasible explanation for this nonsense on Yahoo! Style?

unfeasible sty

According to this brainiac, using nylon for jackets was possible during WW II because “nylon was rationed for use in parachutes.” Does she think that unfeasible is a synonym for feasible, and not its antonym?

Not pulling any punches

I’m not going to pull any punches when it comes to the writing on Yahoo! Style — this stinks:

pulled another punch sty

The writer clearly has no idea what “pulled another punch” means. It does not mean “dealt another blow.” It means the exact opposite: to refrain from using one’s resources or power.

How big was his waist?

A man lost 70 pounds by running marathons. Good for him! What’s really unusual about his story? According to the Yahoo! front page editors, all of that weight came from his waistline:

fp waist

Apparently the rest of his body retained its original pounds. Odd, no? Perhaps the writer took a little liberty with the facts for the sake of headline.

At least Paul Ryan doesn’t have to worry about that

Whew! That must be a relief for Paul Ryan. According to, he doesn’t have to worry about the debt limit — just something called the debit limit:

fp debit limit

Sarah, Still Duchess of York

Where do the writers for Yahoo! Style get their information? Do they just make it up? Did this writer just decide on her own to demote Sarah, Duchess of York, to a former status?

tiara 2

Sarah is still the Duchess of York. Where did the writer get her info? And where did Yahoo! get this writer?

Too many numbers

It may be that the headline writer for Yahoo! Style had too many numbers crammed in her head:  89%. 55%. That’s just too much for anyone to remember. So, she got a little mixed up when writing this headline:

thigh-high sty

I don’t think readers care if searches are up 0% or 100%. They care about reading a trustworthy article. And this one ain’t it.

How many times can you screw that up?

Good grief! How many mistakes can a Yahoo! Style writer make in just four words? Too many:

tiara 1

There’s so much to admire here: The reference to Duchess Katherine, which misspells her name. Then the implication that she’s the Duchess of Middleton, which is like two mistakes in two words.

But wait! It looks like someone at the Internet giant finally realized there’s a mistake (or two) in that caption, and attempted to fix it:

tiara 1a

Oh, that’s so much better.

Exactly the same except for the differences

How cute! Kylie Jenner and Tyga wore matching jackets, according to the genius writer at Yahoo! Style:

varsity 1

And here’s the picture of the two in their matching jackets:

varsity 1 pic

How cute. They’re wearing identical jackets. Except for the colors. And the letters. But I quibble.

It would still be wrong

Even if the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity had managed to come up with the correct possessive of the plural Cosbys (it’s Cosbys’) this would still be wrong:

cosbyss cel

Why? Because the characters in question aren’t the Cosbys. They’re the Huxtables!


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