Dumbest statement of the day

Meet New York City’s second mayor — Andrew Cuomo. Apparently he gave up the governorship of New York state to help run the largest city in the country. At least that’s what the writer for Yahoo! Style tells us:

mayor cuomo sty

How old are you?

Is the writer for Yahoo! Makers so young that she doesn’t know what a garter is? I think so:

garter belt

This is the bright yellow accessory the bride wore. It is a garter:

garter belt pic

This is a garter belt

garter belt pic 2

Neither is a common garment for women nowadays, but they were once a necessity for properly dressed ladies. Or so I’m told.

Tennis skirt, anyone?

It wouldn’t be a proper Yahoo! Style article without an incorrect word changing the meaning of a sentence:

tennis skirt

Carmen Llywelyn: Still a Scientologist, no longer famous

Carmen Llywelyn used to be famous, but not any more:

ex-famous cel

At least she’s still a Scientologist. Unless the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity made a little error and meant to writer famous ex-member. Nah, Yahoo! writers never make mistakes like that.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

You don’t need to know much, if anything, about style to write for Yahoo! Style. You don’t even need to be able to identify articles of clothing. Can’t tell the difference between a skirt and a sweater? No problem! You, too, can write for the site and produce the Dumbest Statement of the Day:

turquoise sweater sty

Dumbest Statement of the Day

The Dumbest Statement of the Day is brought to you by Yahoo! Style:

today 1

This appeared today, June 26, 2015, and was written by Style’s editor in chief, who was not too embarrassed to include his photo and name in the byline:

today 2

Ya gotta wonder when he celebrates Independence Day. July 3, maybe?

Not into meteorology?

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know that this statement on Yahoo! Style is a hot mess:

humidity sty

Humidity isn’t measured in degrees; it’s measured as a percentage. Temperature is measured in degrees, so either it was 90 degrees in Times Square or it was a very humid 90 percent. Or both.

Kids at the keyboard

Sometimes it seems that the writers at Yahoo! are kids with limited experiences, knowledge, and vocabulary. I’m thinking of the writer Yahoo! Makers who doesn’t know that the silver screen is not a synonym for television:

silver screen sty

Maybe you have to be of a certain age to know that silver screen refers to the screen in a movie theater.

Human anatomy is so confusing!

If you’re a writer for Yahoo! Style, don’t worry if you don’t know your ass from your elbow (anatomically speaking, that is). You don’t need to know anything about human anatomy, although a little knowledge would be helpful. Take this claim about a young woman “obscuring her face with her arms”:

arms sty 1

It’s a description of this picture, showing her arms and what looks like her hands. And they seem to be hiding her face:

arms sty pic

Hey, at least the writer knew it was her face and not another body part. There’s that.

Mad Libs of the Internet

Maybe it’s the result of a tight deadline. Maybe it’s the product of too many margaritas the night before. Whatever the reason for the errors in this excerpt from Yahoo! Style, readers are bound to notice and judge:

frisbee-like sty

Readers might not notice (or care about) the capitalized Queen. But if you follow the Associated Press style (as well as the style edicts of other authorities), you don’t capitalize queen unless it comes directly before the queen’s name.

Anyone is bound to notice that you’re left to fill in the blank between Middleton looked and in. It’s kinda like Mad Libs. “Gimme an adjective!” I’m going to suggest disheveled. Or maybe sesquipedalian.

Fashionistas wanting to clone the duchess’ style will be disappointed to learn that there is no Locke & Co. selling a Marisbel hat. There is a Marisabel hat offered by Lock & Co., though it retails for considerably more than $1.40. It’s Frisbee-like in its shape. And by Frisbee I mean that plastic disk that gets thrown around as well as the trademark that gets thrown around as if it were a common noun.


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