No, she’s not Abe’s wife

Where does Yahoo! find its writers? In an elementary school? Most adult citizens of the U.S. know that Mary Lincoln Todd was not Abraham Lincoln’s wife. His wife was Mary Todd Lincoln. But the writer for Yahoo! Beauty doesn’t stop there with her nonsense. Throughout this article she insists on using the word wreathes:

mary lincoln todd bea

That’s a form of wreathe, a verb (not a noun) that means “to twist, coil, curl, encircle, or surround.” The plural of the noun wreath is wreaths.

Dumbest statement of the day

Seriously? Does the writer for Yahoo! Style really think Robert Pattinson is an “American actor”?

am actor sty

Mr. Pattinson was born in London (the one in England) and grew up in a London suburb. So, I guess that’s close enough to being “American.”

It doesn’t exist

In spite of what you might read on Yahoo! Celebrity, there is no Smithsonian Museum. There is a Smithsonian Institution, made up of 19 museums and galleries and a zoo:

smithsonian cel

Pop-culture challenged

When it comes to pop culture, I am a total moron. I do not know who Paris Hilton is dating or even if she is dating. I do not know the names of the members of One Direction. But I do know a bit more than this writer for Yahoo! Style:

married to gosling sty

I do know that Eva Mendes is not married to Ryan Gosling. Why doesn’t she?

High school diploma optional

I always thought that professional writers were college graduates, but after reading this on Yahoo! Style, I don’t think they have to be high school graduates. It seems that a fourth-grade education is more than adequate.

This is possibly the most outrageous of the writer’s claims. She apparently thinks matriculate is a synonym for graduate. It is not; it means “to admit or be admitted to a college or university”:

matriculated 1

That was my first hint that this writer hadn’t attended an institution of higher learning. And there’s no doubt she doesn’t hold a Ph.D. What does she think P.h.D. stands for anyway?

matriculated 2

Clearly, there were no classes in logic (or English) in her educational background. If there were, she would never have written this about a really, really good-looking college instructor name Boselli:

matriculated 3

So, Boselli proves that “beauty is nothing without the brain.” In other words, the poor man is a brainless Adonis. But somehow he managed to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering? At least he has a degree (or two or three).

Ability to count optional

Thinking of applying for a writing or editing job at Yahoo! Makers, but hesitate because you have limited ability when it comes to basic arithmetic? No problem! You don’t need to be a graduate of Advanced Placement Calculus to land a position with this prestigious site. Heck, you don’t even need to be able to count to three. Two, maybe. But three? Totally optional. Just look at this headline from the site’s home page:

2 ingreds 1

Here’s the list of ingredients from the article:

2 ingred 2

I wonder which two ingredients she’ll actually use in the recipe.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s candidate for Dumbest Statement of the Day where the editors for Yahoo! Style claim that Adam Lambert was an “American Idol” winner:

idol winner

He was not. Adam Lambert was a runner-up, losing to Chris Allen.

Sun prevention: Not a good idea

Preventing the sun is not a good idea, even if you could do that. The Yahoo! Style writer seems to think that Lady Gaga is somehow preventing the sun with sunglasses as big as what we would call a windshield:

sun prevention

‘Mad Men': Shorter than you think

If you, like me, thought that this was the last year for the TV show “Mad Men,” we’d both be right. If you, like me, thought it was also the series’ seventh year on TV, we’d both be right. If you, like me, think the writer for Yahoo! Style doesn’t know the difference between an episode and a TV season, we’d be right again. And the writer would be wrong:

episode sty

Or maybe she’s wrong, but in a different way. Maybe she meant “the seven-episode season” and she doesn’t know the difference between a series and a season.

A feasible explanation

I’d like an explanation from the folks at how expensive rents make homeownership more feasible:

fp more feasible

Perhaps the writers, who likely work in a non-English-speaking country, think that feasible means “attractive” and not “possible.” That would be a feasible explanation.


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