Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s dumb statement comes from Yahoo! Finance:

citizenship illegals fin

I think this is a tad off. If someone is granted automatic citizenship, they are not “illegal.” And if they are born on U.S. soil, they are not “immigrants.” What the writer meant: the end of automatic citizenship granted to children born on U.S. soil whose parents are illegal immigrants.

The kids are at the keyboard again

There ought to be a minimum age for any person who writes or edits for yahoo.com. Since those folks don’t do actual research or verify facts, they should have a solid knowledge of events and popular culture of the last several decades. That way, they could rely on their memory and not on Google when they write. Maybe if the kiddies at the keyboards at Yahoo! were old enough to be around when you could get a sundae at a drug store, they’d know that you sat at a soda fountain:

fp soda counters

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s dumbest statement comes from Yahoo! Style, where the writer is either incredibly ignorant about fashion history or a terrible writer:

ladies suit sty

Women (whether or not they were “ladies”) have been wearing suits since at least the 17th century. By the middle of the last century, a suit was common work attire for women; just look at any film starring Katharine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell. I have no idea why the writer made up that little factoid.

He also made up the lie that Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking collection is infamous. It is not. Maybe that’s not a lie so much as it is evidence of the writer’s ignorance of language. Infamous is not a synonym for famous; infamous means having an extremely bad reputation, notorious, or heinous. None of those words applies.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

To qualify as the Dumbest Statement of the Day, the statement must be false. And it must be easy for anyone — even someone was unmotivated as a Yahoo! Style writer — to verify it. So, this definitely qualifies:

fda approved sty

There was no “fallout” over Ms. Kardashian’s drug. The drug is approved by the FDA. The kerfuffle was over Ms. Kardashian’s recommendation of the drug in her blog.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

It’s kinda horrifying to read something so obviously wrong on yahoo.com, a site visited daily by millions and millions all over the world:

fp justice dept

Why on God’s green earth would the Justice Department need emails that were sent to and from the Justice Department? Doesn’t the Justice Department already have the emails? Maybe they could check their Sent folders.

The truth is, the thumb drive contains emails, and most of them were probably sent to and from members of the State Department. And maybe some were sent to and from Bill and Chelsea. But who knows? That’s why the Justice Department wants to see them. And this is the Dumbest Statement of the Day. So far.

Is that Jennifer Aniston’s twin sister?

I had no idea Jennifer Aniston had a twin sister. The sister, whose name is Rachel (what a coincidence!) appears on Yahoo! Style with Courteney Cox:

rachel pic

I would have sworn that was Jennifer herself, but according to the photo caption, it’s someone else:

rachel cap

The mistake didn’t go unnoticed by readers, who added a few comments to the article:

Rachel Aniston? This is one huge problem with internet articles, no one proof reads, so unprofessional.

Who are the dumb people who write/proof read their articles….Rachel Aniston!!! Seriously!!!!

Is that Getty image titled “Rachel Aniston”…?

What….Yahoo can’t afford proofreaders? Last time I checked, the name is JENNIFER Aniston.

Lol Rachel Aniston and Courteney? Noo its Jennifer Greene and Monica. . .

Anyone else notice the photo is captioned ‘Rachel Aniston’?!?! Get it together yahoo…

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s Dumbest Statement comes from Yahoo! Makers, where knowledge of anything — even the subject of the article you’re writing — has never been a requirement.

seventh birthday diy

This claim is so unbelievably stupid, that for a moment I thought I misread it. The “little prince” in question is Prince George, who is all of two years old. So, unless he time-traveled into the future, he did not get a gift for his seventh birthday. And the gift, a treehouse, was not given to him by his father. In fact, it was given to his father, who is not the Prince of Cambridge since that is not a real title. He is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

How the heck does a writer get to make up the dumbest of lies and still retain her position? Ah, yes. This is Yahoo!. No one cares.

If only there were a way…

If only there were some way for a writer to verify the name of a magazine. Like if the writer for Yahoo! Beauty who wrote this caption could actually see the magazine cover:

womens mag cap sty

Oh, wait. That’s a caption for this photo, which the writer didn’t bother to look at:

womens mag pic

Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s Dumbest Statement of the Day is made even dumber, given the fact that it appears on Yahoo! Politics, where writers should know something about politics:

retiring sen pol

Why would anyone campaign for a retiring senator? Because the writer left out some vital words: Ms. Ernst campaigned for Sen. Harkin’s seat. His seat. Not him.

Go figure!

Go figure! Won’t you know that the editor/writer/whoever who writes for Yahoo! Celebrity doesn’t know the difference between a figurine (which is a small statuette) and a figure (which isn’t):

figurines cel

But wait! That’s not the only goof here. That sentence is complete idiocy: It claims that someone seeing Ms. Mirren meet the “figurines” will be giving one of Ms. Mirren’s greatest performances. Huh?


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