Alternative facts from Yahoo

For 80 years, Inauguration Day has been January 20. Apparently the Yahoo! Style writer is living in an alternative universe or engages in alternative facts:

Wouldn’t it be great?

If Queen Elizabeth is Prince William’s grandmother, isn’t she Princess Charlotte’s great-grandmother? Not according to Yahoo! Style, the authority on all things royal:

Know nothing about fashion?

Proving once again that you don’t need to know anything about fashion to land a job at Yahoo! Style, this writer claims to have spotted a paisley print:

Here’s what the writer calls “paisley,” but the retailer calls “floral stripes”:

That seems to be a lot (I mean A LOT) closer to the truth, since a paisley print involves amoeba-like figures like this:

Where did you spend the last 100 days?

I don’t know where this Yahoo! Style writer has been for the last 100 days, but it must have been a remote location, without access to the Internet or any type of news media:

To those of us not living in a cave, Malia Obama is not the daughter of the president. She is the daughter of a former president.

Blades schmades

You might call them shoulders, but to this Yahoo! Style writer, they’re shoulder blades:

Here’s that suit with its “aggressive shoulder blades”:

Those are some shoulder pads! One might even call them “aggressive.” Perhaps that’s what this writer, with her ignorance on basic human anatomy, meant.

No access to Google?

Apparently Yahoo! Style writers have no access to the Internet and search engines, so they’re reliant on their memories when they write. Unfortunately, some have a rather faulty memory:

The former Kate Middleton is really Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Left to her own devices

Without benefit of a competent editor, the Yahoo! Style writer was left to her own devices. So she came up with a statement that’s just not right:

Ford does it twice!

If you read this headline on Yahoo! Finance, would you be as confused as I am?

That headline from the homepage of Finance is for an article about Ford and General Motors. How much confidence would you have in the accuracy of the article?

Linda Farrow makes sandals, too?

If you’re familiar with Linda Farrow, you know it’s a brand of luxury sunglasses. Did you know that Linda Farrow offers sandals? Me neither. But that’s what I read on Yahoo! Style:

Of course, those sandals don’t look like gold, do they? You’d think the writer was actually describing aviator sunglasses.

She’s still not a princess

Let’s skip right over that misspelling of a cappella on Yahoo! Style and focus on the misspelling of Charlotte Casiraghi’s name:

And then let’s focus on the assertion that she is an “actual Princess of Monaco.” No, even if the writer had managed to get her name right, she’d be wrong about that royal title. Charlotte Casiraghi may be eighth in line to the throne of Monaco, but she is not a princess; in fact, she has no royal title. None.

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