To be honest…

To be honest (and why wouldn’t I be?), this has got to be the result of a very ignorant or very lazy Yahoo! Style writer:

honest and co sty 2

Jessica Alba is the founder of The Honest Company. Notice the lack of quotation marks (or are those apostrophes?) around the “company’s” name. Why would anyone put those marks around a company name? Because they work for Yahoo! and anything goes — right or wrong. But mostly wrong.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

No, it’s not “arrived to,” although that’s not very smart; “arrived at” is correct. What’s dumb is the Yahoo! Style writer’s contention that Pippa Middleton, sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is royalty:

royalty sty

How many pounds in a ton?

What could possibly be wrong with this opening sentence from Yahoo! Style?

7 tons


Just a little problem: Somehow the writer was unable to reproduce the title of a book, even though it was right above her text:

7 tons pic

Maybe the writer thinks a ton is 1,000 pounds, so 7,000 pounds is the equivalent of 7 tons. It’s basic arithmetic, except for the part about a ton being 1,000 pounds.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

I’m thinking of starting a regular feature on Terribly Write called “Dumbest Statement of the Day.” It could be really funny or really sad, especially if you’re the type who bemoans the state of journalism and education in the U.S. Also, it could be really difficult to pick just one sentence as the “dumbest” since Yahoo! offers so many candidates.

Anyhoo, I can’t promise this will be a daily feature, but today I offer a dumb statement made by a writer for Yahoo! Style:

weather spring sty

I also can’t promise that it will be the dumbest statement of the day. The day is still young.

No scavenging involved

What do you call a hunt for hidden Easter eggs? An Easter egg hunt. It’s not a scavenger hunt, in spite of what it says on Yahoo! Makers:

scavenger hunt maker

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are finally hitched!

The folks at the Yahoo! front page have scooped the world with this announcement of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes marriage:

fp wifes

While lesser news sources refer to him as Ms. Mendes’ “baby daddy” or her partner, Yahoo seems to think they’re husband and wife. They are not. I hope no one’s reading and thinking they’ve found some actual facts.

How was that geography class?

Ya gotta wonder how the writer and editor for did in their high school geography lessons. Do you think they learned that Niger and Nigeria are two different African countries? Do you think they could even identify Africa on a map?

fp nigerian

A Nigerian town is in Nigeria. A town in Niger is Nigerien. So, where was the mass grave found?

Bras, garder belts, and underwear

When did bras stop being underwear? When this editorial assistant for Yahoo! Style stepped up to the keyboard:

garder belts

And when did garder belts become a thing? When someone, who should know something about women’s undergarments, refused to use a dictionary or spell-checker.

No debate here

Yahoo! writers have shown they know little about American government and politics. They think that the head of the city of Boston is called governor. Or that Congress passes state laws. Or that federal tax laws are different from state to state. So, it should come as no surprise that the editors at Yahoo! Style can’t form a coherent sentence about pending legislation in France:

debate sty

The health debate will not be up for legislation. Health legislation will be up for debate. And it won’t be in front of parliament, it will be in parliament.

Jessica Alba: Semi-bald?

After Jessica Alba took 6 inches (or more!) off her hairline, she must look bald. Anyone itching for some pictures should head on over to, which just broke the shocking news:

fp hairline

Shocking? Yes. I could understand her taking six inches (or more!) off the length of her hair, but off her head? From ear to ear? That just doesn’t seem like something she’d do.

Could there be another explanation? Of course. This is Yahoo!, where writers have a tenuous grasp of English. They probably don’t know that a hairline is the outline of hair growth on one’s head, like this “widow’s peak” hairline:

widow's peak


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