Is that where you do it?

I don’t know where you wash your wine glasses, but mine go into the dishwasher (if they used to hold strawberry jelly). The really nice stuff (which can be purchased in a box of 12 at Ikea) are washed by hand in the sink. But I’ve overlooked a third option — under the sink! That’s the advice from Yahoo! Finance:

under the sink shopping

I’m not sure how I’d do that. There’s not much room there what with the garbage disposal, the boxes of Cascade, and the one gallon tin of extra virgin olive oil. Maybe I can move the Cascade.

A well-deserved bad rap

This writer for Yahoo! Shine may get a bad rap for her writing skills, and it’s well-deserved. She’s unfamiliar with basic rules of punctuation: There’s no need for a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and that word it modifies. She doesn’t know a real buzzword from her made-up “buzz” words. And her ability to match a pronoun to its antecedent is sketchy at best (even implying that “buzz” words have hefty price tags):

buzz words 1

Her random commas strewn about like thumbtacks on a highway stop readers in their tracks:

buzz words 2

Her “bad wrap” just contributes to her bad rap:

buzz words 3

as does her arbitrary hyphenation of antioxidants and her failure to realize that supermarkets have aisles and not isles, which are land masses surrounded by water:

buzz words 4

Can you blame me if I don’t trust anything this writer says about anything?

I’m a writer, not a financial expert

Some families have found creative ways to save money. And the writer for “Financially Fit” for Yahoo! Shine features one such family. These eco-conscious folks save by using their clothes dryer only at night. Or they hang all their laundry, I think. You’d think that would reduce their drying costs by 100%. But you would be wrong:

dryer shine

According to the writer, who is the personal finance expert for Yahoo!, hanging laundry to dry only saves the family 50% of the drying costs. I guess they must spend a lot on clothes pins.

Chickens rise in revolt!

If you’ve got chickens in your backyard about to stage a coup, you’ve got real problems.

chicken coup

They’re probably just tired of being cooped up all day.

From the keyboard of the genius writers of Yahoo! Shine.

Once it becomes usable, get rid of it

Yes, once a man’s prized possession is usable, he won’t want it. At least according to the genius writer at Yahoo! Shine:

What your blog says about your company

I wish I had stopped reading the Yahoo! corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, right after seeing this headline:

It wasn’t the missing hyphens in what should be back-to-school that got me. It was the misspelling of Farnoosh Torabi — a Yahoo! employee and the subject of the blog post — that had me anticipating the worst and wondering how mistakes like that happen. This was the company blog, after all. It represents the company and its commitment to its readers, its employees, and its shareholders. It is so badly written that any third-grader could have done better.

What does this post say about Yahoo!? That it can’t be bothered with editing and proofreading. One sentence with a missing comma, an apostrophe used to form a plural, a bit of redundancy, a bit of verb nonsense, and something about back to school that I think means “back-to-school shopping”:

Clearly, nobody cares about this sad little company blog, because there’s just more nonsense here, which I don’t even want to discuss:

Somebody with some basic knowledge of English vocabulary would have used a different word here:

And someone who attended college would know that there are more than these two options when your kids go to college: They can live on campus or rent an apartment. The writer doesn’t even consider that students can live in a sorority or fraternity house, rent a room, or live at home or with relatives. Those are not options. But Yahoo! provides a calculator that can help ascertain which of the two options is better:

According to the blog, if “you agree to the latter,” you are agreeing to a co-signer. Not to be a co-signer, which might actually make sense. And if you consider there’s only one kind of “bad behavior” — which the writer doesn’t name — then somehow you know it will affect your credit records.

Lordie, I guess this “sentence” should come as no surprise to me:

What does this blog say about Yahoo!? My guess is, no one at Yahoo! cares about the blog because no one reads it.

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