A well-deserved bad rap

This writer for Yahoo! Shine may get a bad rap for her writing skills, and it’s well-deserved. She’s unfamiliar with basic rules of punctuation: There’s no need for a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and that word it modifies. She doesn’t know a real buzzword from her made-up “buzz” words. And her ability to match a pronoun to its antecedent is sketchy at best (even implying that “buzz” words have hefty price tags):

buzz words 1

Her random commas strewn about like thumbtacks on a highway stop readers in their tracks:

buzz words 2

Her “bad wrap” just contributes to her bad rap:

buzz words 3

as does her arbitrary hyphenation of antioxidants and her failure to realize that supermarkets have aisles and not isles, which are land masses surrounded by water:

buzz words 4

Can you blame me if I don’t trust anything this writer says about anything?

I’m a writer, not a financial expert

Some families have found creative ways to save money. And the writer for “Financially Fit” for Yahoo! Shine features one such family. These eco-conscious folks save by using their clothes dryer only at night. Or they hang all their laundry, I think. You’d think that would reduce their drying costs by 100%. But you would be wrong:

dryer shine

According to the writer, who is the personal finance expert for Yahoo!, hanging laundry to dry only saves the family 50% of the drying costs. I guess they must spend a lot on clothes pins.

Chickens rise in revolt!

If you’ve got chickens in your backyard about to stage a coup, you’ve got real problems.

chicken coup

They’re probably just tired of being cooped up all day.

From the keyboard of the genius writers of Yahoo! Shine.

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