How do you hang an airport?

I should have stopped reading when I saw this photo caption at the top of an article on Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket”:

Thinking the missing apostrophe might be a simple oversight, I made the mistake of reading the article. Dumb! I don’t know why anyone (including me) would believe a reporter who thinks this is a city in Florida:

It’s not; the city is Fort Myers. A journalist who doesn’t bother to Google the city to get its name right (or who doesn’t have an editor to do it for him) doesn’t inspire confidence. So, I was a bit skeptical when I read something about an airport hanger:

Is that a clothes hanger in an airport? Or something that hangs an airport, because if it is, I’d pay to see that. I wonder if it would also hang the airport’s hangar and all the planes stored inside it.

I continued reading and quickly stumbled. While vague, this sentence makes no sense to me:

Just in case you thought the reporter made a typographical error with the hanger banger, he repeats his choice of hanger:

I still don’t know how you hang an airport.

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