Sorry, but it’s too late to make that correction

Those comedians who write headlines for Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline” slay me. I just love the irony in this headline:

Were you wasted when you wrote that?

Maybe the editor for the Yahoo! front page hit the margarita pitcher before composing this blurb:

Writing about social eels

There are few jobs in the world where you can make egregious errors every day — in front of potentially millions of people — without consequences. Such is the job of editor for Yahoo! Shine.

Is this the job for you? It could be if you’re illiterate and proud of it! If you didn’t notice the grammatical gaffe here, you might just be a Shine editor:

If you think punctuation can be put anywhere in a sentence, you might be a Shine editor. If you don’t know the difference between social eels and social customs, this is the job for you!

And and if this looks okie-dokie to you, you might be a Shine editor:

Writing for Shine has gotten to be a sweet gig. No adult supervision. No standards. No need to write in English. Sign me up!

Having a ruff time with the language

Oh, let’s hope the writer for Yahoo! Movies doesn’t get roughed up by those grammar bullies — the ones who point and snicker at others’ mistakes:

Writing in the wrong vein

That little vein popped out on my head when I read this on Yahoo! TV:

Was it an Alp?

Was that sneak peak reported on Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline” an Alp?

A peak could be a mountain. A sneak peek is a furtive or advanced look at something.

You’ve said your peace

There may be a medical explanation for the craziness emanating from Charlie Sheen recently. Is there a similar explanation for the words oozing from the keyboard of Piper Weiss, a Yahoo! Shine writer? Is it possible she suffers from some disorder that has impaired her grammatical judgement?

Like, could it be brain trauma that accounts for the missing hyphen in 24-hour, the missing word (could it be a?), and the unnecessary hyphen in what should be one-man show?

The nonstop errors continue with an unnecessary hyphen. And it gets worse. Can a writer really have peace of mind after saying her piece?

While Charlie Sheen is spinning out of control, the writer’s words are spinning out of order:

Could these errors be the result of a physical or psychological problem? Dunno. But I’ve said my piece.

First you’d have to get to the capital

I don’t know where the Libyan capitol is, but I presume it’s in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. So, the revolt that the Yahoo! front page reports is closing in on the capitol must already be in the capital:

Unless, of course, the writer doesn’t know that capitol refers only to a building and capital refers to a city or town that is the seat of government.

Epic tail fail

Just how big is an “epic tail”? You’d have to ask the reporter for the Yahoo! News blog “The Lookout”:

Someone please take the reins from this writer. Please

And take away the writer’s keyboard, too.

Even if the writer for the Yahoo! front page used the correct word, reins, this would still be a ridiculous statement. Mr. Emanuel may have won the election, but he won’t take the reins in Chicago until he is sworn in, which will happen in May.

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