Monstrous missteps

In a photo gallery about the men behind the monsters and masks, Yahoo! Movies makes a few horrifying mistakes in the captions, like this scary mess:

jason movies

That’s one sentence I can’t correct since I have no idea what the writer intended to say. On the other hand, the writer’s meaning is clear here, even though the word movies is missing:

mane movies

Also missing? The word his in the first sentence:

chaney movies

In the same caption, the space between get and up is wrong (as a noun, getup is one word) and the the in front of effort has gone missing.

What to make of this? Is this clunker a result of a misplaced correlative conjunction (both….and) or some other misstep?

both and movies

 That’s just one in a string of errors, including the missing word and incorrect wield here:

wield movies

That’s a pretty scary photo gallery, but scariest of all? That an Internet giant like Yahoo! lets this stuff get published.

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