It’s possible that the writer for Yahoo! Makers was trying to be clever with a pun about anchors and boat-shaped treehouses:

away diy

It’s possible. What’s more likely is that she didn’t know the correct word is aweigh, and it’s used in relation to anchors that are “hanging clear of the bottom” (American Heritage Dictionary).

What’s in a name? Again

If that name is on Yahoo!, then it’s sure to include a mistake.  Spelling a name correctly is about the easiest thing you can do as a writer and the easiest think you can verify as an editor or proofreader. So why does Yahoo! continue to make so many mistakes? Do you consider Yahoo! a credible source of information?

Yahoo! News misspelled Audrie Pott‘s name:

news audrie pot

and Heather Gonglik‘s:

name gonglick news

From Yahoo! Movies we get a sad attempt at Seth Rogen and Chris Evans:

name seth rogan chris evan

as well as Lana Del Rey:

name lana del ray movies

and Glen Mazzara:

name glan mazzara

The writer for Yahoo! TV’s “Daytime in No Time”  mangles Courteney Cox:

name courtney cox tv dint

From Yahoo! Shine, there’s a lame stab at Christina Aguilera:

swift 3

and Frida Kahlo:

name frieda kahlo shine

and Laetitia Casta:

name leaitia casta shine

and Simon Monjack:

name dimon monjack shine

and Eric Ducharme:

name ducharm shine

and Attila:

thatcher shine 1

and Malala Yousafzai:

name malala shine

and Susan A. Patton:

name patten 1 shine

and again with the misspelled Patton:

name patten shine 3

and Rick Salomon and Nicole Richie:

name hilton 2 shine

and once more:

name hilton 3 shine

There’s no hyphen in Ray J:

name hilton 4 shine

and no T in Nicole Richie. Again:

name it 5

(It’s Guy Ritchie, the director and former husband of Madonna’s, who spells his name with a T.)

Yahoo! omg! gives us an incorrect Nicolas Cage:

name nicholas cage omg

and a rather lackluster attempt to spell Chaz Hammelsmith, widow of Roger Ebert:

name chaz hammersmith omg

Yahoo! Music’s attempt at Phillip Sweet is not so sweet:

name philip sweet omg

And when telling us Pitbull’s alleged real name (it’s Armando Christian Perez), the writer tells us the wrong name:

name christian music

Yodel Anecdotal, Yahoo’s corporate blog — the blog that represents the company — can’t even get Lena Headey‘s name right:

name lena headley yodel

What does that tell us about this company and its commitment to quality content? Everything.

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